Canon patents granted on 12 February 2013

66 US patents granted on 12 February 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 RE43,995 Communication apparatus
2 8,375,457 Document management device, document management method and storage medium
3 8,375,419 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium
4 8,375,388 Combining print jobs when the current and the next job are generated by a specific application and each job having one copy
5 8,375,298 Method and apparatus for processing layout and storage medium
6 8,375,289 Displaying a preview of document data including a region in which an object is inserted
7 8,375,216 Document verification apparatus and method
8 8,375,214 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program therefor
9 8,375,149 Memory controller connected to plural volatile memories and data saving control method of the same
10 8,375,139 Network streaming over multiple data communication channels using content feedback information
11 8,374,902 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
12 8,374,890 Electronic medical chart system, and apparatus and method for data processing
13 8,374,539 Recording apparatus and recording method
14 8,374,522 Printing apparatus and printing method
15 8,374,521 Image forming apparatus, method of controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium storing program
16 8,374,519 Image heating apparatus controlling the inclination of a stretching member stretching a belt member
17 8,374,499 Imaging apparatus and interchangeable lens
18 8,374,497 Autofocusing zoom lens
19 8,374,494 Image processing apparatus
20 8,374,440 Image processing method and apparatus
21 8,374,439 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and computer-readable print medium
22 8,374,429 Image processing method, apparatus and memory medium therefor
23 8,374,408 Image processing apparatus and image processing method, program, and storage medium
24 8,374,250 Image coding apparatus and method
25 8,374,205 Vertical cavity surface emitting laser and image forming apparatus
26 8,373,933 Optical system and optical apparatus including optical system
27 8,373,931 Liquid lens and apparatus incorporating the same
28 8,373,930 Reflection suppression element and optical apparatus
29 8,373,914 Computer generated hologram including plural isotropic and anisotropic cells for forming combined intensity distribution, generation method, and exposure apparatus
30 8,373,908 Document reading apparatus
31 8,373,906 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
32 8,373,902 Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and program
33 8,373,901 Image-processing apparatus and image-processing method
34 8,373,900 Image reading apparatus and method for adjusting same
35 8,373,899 Color image forming apparatus and color adjustment method
36 8,373,896 Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, program, and storage medium
37 8,373,892 Managing modulation transfer function values for image data
38 8,373,891 Image-forming apparatus and method for controlling the same
39 8,373,889 Method, system, and program of extending a function of an application
40 8,373,878 Cooperative job flow creating apparatus, cooperative job flow creating method, service processing apparatus, service processing method, management server, flow conversion method, job flow execution method, program, and storage medium
41 8,373,876 Document management system and method for controlling a document print operation
42 8,373,874 Using a web browser on a client to enable and disable a filter program on a printer
43 8,373,873 Apparatus and method for determining execution order of private print jobs in a variable print system
44 8,373,870 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
45 8,373,866 Wavefront aberration measuring apparatus, wavefront aberration measuring method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
46 8,373,844 Exposure apparatus having an element to be cooled
47 8,373,787 Image processing apparatus, image processing system, control method of the image processing apparatus, and recording medium having recorded thereon a computer program for executing the control program
48 8,373,713 Image display apparatus and control method thereof
49 8,373,619 Image processing system, image processing apparatus, aberration correction method, and computer-readable storage medium
50 8,373,413 Magnetic sensing method, atomic magnetometer and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
51 8,373,374 Apparatus equipped with motor and driving method for the motor
52 8,373,147 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
53 8,372,573 Toner
54 8,372,570 Developer carrying member, method for manufacturing same and developing apparatus
55 8,371,680 Substrate having protection layers for liquid-ejection head, liquid ejection head, method for manufacturing substrate for liquid-ejection head, and method for manufacturing liquid ejection head
56 8,371,677 Inkjet printing apparatus
57 8,371,673 Printing apparatus and ink remaining amount detection method
58 8,371,672 Printing apparatus and method for duplex printing
59 8,371,671 Printing apparatus
60 8,371,668 Recoding element substrate, recording head equipped with the same, recording head cartridge, and recording apparatus
61 8,371,578 Sheet processing system, apparatus capable of reducing amount of positional error of conveyed sheet, and method of controlling sheet processing system
62 8,371,511 Apparatus handling codes, method for controlling the same and program
63 8,371,428 Original processing apparatus
64 8,371,289 Inhaler
65 8,371,018 Electromechanical transducer and manufacturing method therefor
66 8,371,005 Stacked piezoelectric element, manufacturing method thereof and vibration wave driving apparatus