Canon patents granted on 12 June 2012

45 US patents granted on 12 June 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,200,750 Data communication apparatus, control method thereof, computer program and storage medium
2 8,200,113 Fixing apparatus comprising circuit for suppressing heat generation according to rotation detection signal
3 8,200,111 Prevention of deformation of fixing unit in image-forming apparatus
4 8,200,109 Image forming apparatus
5 8,200,106 Image forming apparatus with image forming condition control feature based on difference in patch densities
6 8,200,104 Image forming apparatus including image bearing member surface abrassion control feature
7 8,200,103 Image forming system
8 8,200,102 Image forming apparatus having a detachable unit including a first rotary member and a second rotary member
9 8,200,081 Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling same
10 8,200,080 Image sensing apparatus and exposure control method
11 8,199,967 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
12 8,199,954 Image capturing apparatus
13 8,199,880 Radiographic apparatus and imaging method thereof
14 8,199,391 Optical scanning apparatus having an air path for airflow generated by a rotating mirror
15 8,199,375 Image forming system and image reading apparatus
16 8,199,365 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
17 8,199,357 Image processing apparatus and method detecting and storing areas within band images and cutting out an image from the resulting stored partial image
18 8,199,356 Printing management system and printing management method
19 8,199,355 Document management software, print control device, and document management method of print control device
20 8,199,352 Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
21 8,199,347 Determining if a broadcast print request ends before a print job is completed, and taking action in accordance with the determination
22 8,199,345 Method for controlling printing apparatus and method for controlling image processing apparatus connected to printing apparatus
23 8,199,313 Temperature regulating apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
24 8,199,258 Receiving apparatus and control method thereof
25 8,199,241 Data reproducing apparatus, data reproducing method, and storage medium
26 8,199,235 Image sensing device and imaging system
27 8,199,231 Image pickup element unit with an image pickup element on a substrate for picking up an image and an optical low pass filter spaced from the image pickup element
28 8,199,213 Method for selecting desirable images from among a plurality of images and apparatus thereof
29 8,199,205 Shake compensation device and image pickup device and optical device which include the shake compensation device
30 8,199,201 Printing system, printing apparatus, image sensing apparatus, and control method
31 8,199,181 Image forming apparatus
32 8,199,144 Information processing apparatus and related method, image forming apparatus and related control method, program, and recording medium
33 8,199,067 Display apparatus and a control method therefor
34 8,198,799 Image display apparatus
35 8,198,199 Epitaxial film, piezoelectric element, ferroelectric element, manufacturing methods of the same, and liquid discharge head
36 8,198,182 Annealing method for semiconductor device with silicon carbide substrate and semiconductor device
37 8,198,100 Detecting method, detection device and detection kit
38 8,197,705 Method of processing silicon substrate and method of manufacturing liquid discharge head
39 8,197,294 Organic EL light-emitting device and production method thereof
40 8,197,137 X-ray imaging apparatus and control method therefor
41 8,197,054 Image fixing method, method for producing record product using such method, and image recording apparatus
42 8,197,050 Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
43 8,197,043 Ink jet printing apparatus and method for filling ink into ink tank in ink jet printing apparatus
44 8,197,021 Recording head driving method and recording apparatus
45 8,196,923 Skew-correcting device and sheet-processing apparatus