Canon patents granted on 12 November 2013

64 US patents granted on 12 November 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 8,584,055 Non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, decision method and computer for deciding exposure condition using evaluation item of interest and auxiliary evaluation item
2 8,583,559 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling thereof, and computer-readable storage medium storing program therefor
3 8,583,171 Communication apparatus, control method of communication apparatus, and program
4 8,583,007 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
5 8,583,006 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and process cartridge with electrical contacts that urge developer roller to photosensitive drum
6 8,583,005 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
7 8,583,001 Developing device and process cartridge
8 8,582,995 Image forming apparatus with image forming condition control feature based on difference in patch densities
9 8,582,990 Recording-medium imaging device and image forming apparatus
10 8,582,965 Image capturing apparatus, method for controlling image capturing apparatus, and method for predicting photometric value
11 8,582,949 Video data outputting apparatus and method of controlling video data outputting apparatus
12 8,582,948 Scenario editing apparatus and scenario editing method, image capturing apparatus and control method thereof, and scenario editing system
13 8,582,921 Figure processing apparatus, figure processing method, and storage medium
14 8,582,856 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
15 8,582,721 Control apparatus and control method
16 8,582,664 Method and device for creating a video sequence representative of a digital video sequence and associated methods and devices for transmitting and receiving video data
17 8,582,210 Lens and method for producing lens
18 8,582,205 Lens barrel and optical apparatus including the same
19 8,582,173 Color processing apparatus and method
20 8,582,170 Image forming apparatus, print control method, and storage medium for controlling user of executing gray-out print settings
21 8,582,168 Image processing apparatus and processing method thereof
22 8,582,165 Document processing apparatus
23 8,582,162 Information processing apparatus, output method, and storage medium
24 8,582,160 Printing system, control method thereof, and storage medium
25 8,582,158 Image input/output apparatus and image input/output method
26 8,582,150 Information processing apparatus and method thereof
27 8,582,148 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
28 8,582,147 Information processing apparatus, control method for image forming apparatus and post-processing apparatus, and computer program
29 8,582,145 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
30 8,582,143 Image reading apparatus and control method
31 8,582,141 Avoiding deadlock in network printing
32 8,582,140 Communication system and communication apparatus building the system
33 8,582,135 Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium
34 8,582,130 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
35 8,582,126 Support method for simulating a printing operation
36 8,582,116 Recording sheet surface detection apparatus and image forming apparatus
37 8,582,112 Double pass interferometer with tilted mirrors
38 8,582,083 Effective light source shape database generation method, optical image calculation method, recording medium, exposure method, and device fabrication method
39 8,582,023 Electronic device with a storage case and lid which is openable/closable and lockable with storage case
40 8,582,013 Refractive index distributed optical element and image sensor including the refractive index distributed optical element
41 8,582,009 Solid-state image sensor and image sensing apparatus
42 8,582,003 Solid-state imaging apparatus
43 8,581,998 Image sensing apparatus and method of controlling the image sensing apparatus
44 8,581,990 Image processing apparatus, controlling method thereof, and recording medium
45 8,581,988 Data transfer apparatus, imaging apparatus, and data transfer system
46 8,581,361 Semiconductor apparatus
47 8,581,358 Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method
48 8,581,271 Display apparatus using separate organic electroluminescent elements in a single pixel
49 8,581,243 Thin-film transistor and process for its fabrication
50 8,580,595 Solid-state image sensing device and camera system the same
51 8,580,483 Method of making nozzle chip
52 8,580,458 Fuel cell system with a cell unit and fuel tank unit in a housing and electronic device
53 8,580,405 Naphthothiophene compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
54 8,580,400 Bichrysene compound and organic light emitting device having the compound
55 8,580,031 Method of producing three-dimensional photonic crystal and optical functional device
56 8,580,026 Precursor sol of aluminum oxide, optical member, and method for producing optical member
57 8,579,527 Recording apparatus and medium storage device
58 8,579,409 Inkjet recording apparatus
59 8,579,407 Inkjet recording apparatus and abnormality detection method for liquid discharge head
60 8,579,401 Inkjet printing system and inkjet printing method
61 8,579,400 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
62 8,579,399 Reception device and apparatus having the same
63 8,579,277 Drive transmission apparatus and feeding apparatus
64 8,578,619 Shape measuring apparatus and shape measuring method