Canon patents granted on 13 December 2011

79 US patents granted on 13 December 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 8,079,090 License management system, control method thereof, image processing apparatus, and control method thereof
2 8,079,057 Broadcast receiving apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
3 8,079,050 System and method for performing initial setup of a device via remote control
4 8,079,016 Information processing apparatus and application management method
5 8,078,767 Display apparatus, control method thereof, and program
6 8,078,752 Method and program for managing the quantity of data transmitted by a transmission device over a telecommunication network
7 8,078,720 Management of networked devices
8 8,078,699 Setting a network address for communicating with a network device when installing a device control program
9 8,078,668 Method and device for processing a message in a communication network
10 8,078,627 File management apparatus, method for controlling file management apparatus, computer program, and storage medium
11 8,078,600 Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, program, and storage medium
12 8,078,584 Document retrieving system, document retrieving apparatus, method, program and storage medium therefor
13 8,078,080 Image forming apparatus
14 8,078,071 Image forming apparatus and control method of the image forming apparatus
15 8,078,070 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
16 8,078,049 Imaging apparatus
17 8,078,046 Image sensing apparatus, control method therefor, program, and storage medium
18 8,078,044 Image stabilization apparatus, image sensing apparatus and image stabilization method
19 8,078,043 Image shake correction apparatus and image pickup apparatus
20 8,078,041 Shake correction unit and imaging apparatus
21 8,078,039 Recording apparatus capable of recording moving image and still image
22 8,078,035 Image data recording apparatus
23 8,078,005 Method for controlling the combining of original image data and coded image data
24 8,077,986 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling same and computer program
25 8,077,976 Image search apparatus and image search method
26 8,077,971 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
27 8,077,957 X-ray image diagnostic system, image processing apparatus and image processing method
28 8,077,923 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
29 8,077,601 Method, device and software application for scheduling the transmission of data stream packets
30 8,077,575 Information recording method that records management information for managing dummy information as a file in a user data area
31 8,077,410 Optical apparatus and image pickup apparatus provided with the optical apparatus
32 8,077,397 Zoom lens and image projection apparatus including the same
33 8,077,391 Wavefront aberration measuring method, mask, wavefront aberration measuring device, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
34 8,077,354 Print control program, print control apparatus, and print control method
35 8,077,348 Information processing apparatus and its method therefore for printing an image with a first combination of process colors materials and a second combination of the process color materials and a spot color materials
36 8,077,347 Image forming apparatus and method mitigating effects of pixel correction while compensating for shift in scanning position
37 8,077,345 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing control program capable of processing document data
38 8,077,344 Print controlling apparatus and method of controlling the same
39 8,077,342 Image processing apparatus, method of controlling image processing apparatus, program, and storage medium
40 8,077,339 Printing control apparatus, information processing apparatus, control method therefor, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
41 8,077,335 Image processing apparatus, mobile terminal apparatus, image processing system and control method
42 8,077,333 Printing control apparatus and printing control method
43 8,077,320 Wavefront measuring method and wavefront measuring apparatus using the wavefront measuring method
44 8,077,290 Exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
45 8,077,288 Exposure apparatus
46 8,077,251 Photometry apparatus and camera
47 8,077,246 Method and apparatus for controlling imaging direction and magnification of camera
48 8,077,239 Solid-state image pickup device and camera
49 8,077,232 Imaging device for adding signals including same color component
50 8,077,225 Image pickup apparatus
51 8,077,222 Image processing apparatus to transmit moving image data
52 8,077,221 Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor with determination whether storage medium is limited-rewriteable storage medium
53 8,077,220 Image display apparatus
54 8,077,210 Image capturing apparatus to prevent image blurring and control method therefor
55 8,077,193 Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
56 8,076,954 Memory control circuit, memory control method, and integrated circuit
57 8,076,845 Display apparatus
58 8,076,844 Organic EL display device and manufacturing method of the same
59 8,076,841 Organic electroluminescent display apparatus
60 8,076,681 White organic electroluminescent device
61 8,076,161 Target substance detection kit and target substance detection method
62 8,076,146 Methods for evaluating and manufacturing rubber and method for manufacturing joint seal for inkjet printer
63 8,075,944 Film forming method and producing method for electron source substrate
64 8,075,838 Composite metal molding and method for manufacturing thereof
65 8,075,791 Chemical treatment method
66 8,075,361 Electron source manufacturing method
67 8,075,360 Electron-emitting device, electron source, image display apparatus, and manufacturing method of electron-emitting device
68 8,075,205 Image pickup apparatus and lens device
69 8,075,143 Foreign substance removing apparatus
70 8,075,126 Ink, ink jet recording method, recording unit, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording apparatus
71 8,075,120 Ink jet print head and ink jet printing apparatus
72 8,075,114 Liquid container, liquid supplying system and circuit board for liquid container
73 8,075,107 Liquid ejection head
74 8,075,103 Ink jet print head substrate and ink jet print head
75 8,075,102 Substrate for ink jet head and ink jet head
76 8,075,101 Recording head driving method and recording apparatus
77 8,075,094 Liquid ejection head and process for producing the same
78 8,075,083 Ink jet printer and a method of computing conveyance amount of a conveyance roller of the ink jet printer
79 8,074,357 Method for manufacturing ink jet recording head