Canon patents granted on 13 June 2006

61 US patents granted on 13 June 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 7,062,664 Bus management based on bus status
2 7,062,579 Data transmission apparatus, system and method, and image processing apparatus
3 7,062,435 Apparatus, method and computer readable memory medium for speech recognition using dynamic programming
4 7,062,428 Natural language machine interface
5 7,062,343 Remote maintenance system
6 7,062,230 Communication device, image-pickup device, storage medium and communication method
7 7,062,214 Image forming apparatus with paper thickness detection unit for detecting overlap of regular and insertion sheets
8 7,062,208 Image forming apparatus featuring first and second toner images with different charging amounts
9 7,062,200 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
10 7,062,199 Process cartridge remanufacturing method
11 7,062,195 Toner seal member, and process cartridge
12 7,062,192 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus, process cartridge and discharge preventing mechanism
13 7,062,191 Image forming device including AC loads driven by an AC power supply
14 7,062,190 Image forming apparatus, interface apparatus, control apparatus, image forming apparatus setting operation method, and control method
15 7,062,179 Monitoring apparatus, processing method, program for implementing the processing method, and management apparatus, management method, and program for implementing the management method
16 7,062,162 Image taking apparatus capable of optically and electrically changing magnification of taken images
17 7,062,117 Layered board, and apparatus incorporated such layered board
18 7,062,116 Optical wiring device
19 7,062,106 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
20 7,062,099 Image processing method and apparatus using self-adaptive binarization
21 7,062,095 Entropic encoding method and device
22 7,062,010 Method for adjusting gap between two objects and exposure method using the same, gap adjusting apparatus, and exposure apparatus
23 7,061,836 Method and apparatus for processing information data and management information thereof
24 7,061,689 Lens barrel and photographing apparatus incorporating the same
25 7,061,685 Zoom lens system
26 7,061,654 Image processor, image processing method and storage medium
27 7,061,653 Image processing apparatus and method
28 7,061,652 Image processing apparatus and method using image information and additional information or an additional pattern added thereto or superposed thereon
29 7,061,648 Calibration method for density in image forming apparatus
30 7,061,647 Image processing apparatus, and method for controlling the same
31 7,061,642 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium, and image information printing system
32 7,061,641 Output control apparatus, output control method, storage medium and program for outputting image data
33 7,061,635 Information processing apparatus, distributed printing method, and storage medium
34 7,061,631 Data processing apparatus and method for maintaining security of image data, and computer program thereof stored in a computer readable medium
35 7,061,624 Grating interference type optical encoder
36 7,061,588 Positioning apparatus and method of manufacturing same
37 7,061,580 Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
38 7,061,576 Exposure apparatus and method of cleaning optical element of the same
39 7,061,573 Contamination prevention in optical system
40 7,061,533 Image processing apparatus
41 7,061,528 Signal processing apparatus which suppresses a color signal according to luminance level
42 7,061,525 Apparatus and method for controlling a camera based on a displayed image
43 7,061,503 In-gamut color picker
44 7,061,449 Portable information terminal, information viewing method, and program
45 7,061,365 Communication apparatus having wired communication function and wireless communication function, and control method therefor
46 7,061,156 Control apparatus for vibration type actuator
47 7,061,063 Microstructure and its fabrication method
48 7,060,994 Exposure apparatus and method
49 7,060,984 Multi-charged beam lens and charged beam exposure apparatus using the same
50 7,060,961 Image sensing element and optical instrument having improved incident light use efficiency
51 7,060,406 Light-receiving member, image-forming apparatus, and image-forming method
52 7,060,342 Recording medium and image-forming method employing the same
53 7,060,335 Recording medium, method of manufacturing the same and image forming method
54 7,060,123 Fluorescent ink, and ink cartridge recording unit, ink-jet recording method, and ink-jet recording apparatus employing the fluorescent ink
55 7,060,117 Rechargeable lithium battery
56 7,059,723 Illumination optical system, image display optical system, projection type image display apparatus, and image display system
57 7,059,713 Inkjet printing apparatus and ink printing method
58 7,059,711 Dielectric film structure, piezoelectric actuator using dielectric element film structure and ink jet head
59 7,059,709 Composition for forming piezoelectric, method for producing piezoelectric film, piezoelectric element and ink jet recording head
60 7,059,700 Ink jet recording apparatus for performing recording in accordance with remaining amount of ink, and control method for the apparatus
61 7,059,697 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method