Canon patents granted on 13 March 2012

53 US patents granted on 13 March 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,136,110 Continue monitoring print job based on job ID and information present in the print queue even though no print job is present in the print queue
2 8,136,086 Control method for apparatus capable of using macros describing operation sequence
3 8,136,074 Printed circuit board design support program, recording medium, and printed circuit board design support method
4 8,136,043 GUI generation apparatus and method for generating GUI
5 8,135,998 Information processor and information processing method
6 8,135,983 Information processing apparatus, control method of the information processing apparatus, and recording medium
7 8,135,742 Proxy service providing apparatus, service providing method, and network system
8 8,135,493 Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
9 8,135,328 Cleaning blade
10 8,135,305 Image forming apparatus
11 8,135,304 Process cartridge having regulating portions and an inclineable coupling member
12 8,135,303 Image forming apparatus for preventing contamination of a backside of a recording medium
13 8,135,297 Image forming apparatus
14 8,135,296 Image forming apparatus
15 8,135,291 Consumable part for an image forming apparatus and a control method thereof
16 8,135,290 Image forming apparatus
17 8,135,269 Image pickup apparatus
18 8,135,268 Lens control apparatus, optical apparatus and lens control method
19 8,135,267 Autofocus imaging optical system and image pickup device
20 8,135,118 Communication apparatus and method of controlling same
21 8,135,065 Method and device for decoding a scalable video stream
22 8,134,986 Communication apparatus and method for controlling the same
23 8,134,785 Imaging apparatus
24 8,134,784 Lens apparatus capable of performing extension/retraction operation with respect to image pickup apparatus body and image pickup apparatus having the same
25 8,134,783 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the zoom lens system
26 8,134,755 Image reading apparatus
27 8,134,753 Original size detecting apparatus, original size detecting method, and program for original size detection
28 8,134,742 Output device and method for outputting density data corresponding to a color material to a printing unit
29 8,134,723 Information processing apparatus, and method discriminating between sheet feed from cassette and manual port, and image transfer based thereon
30 8,134,722 Image forming apparatus, method of controlling the same, program, storage medium, printing system, and method suitable for the printing system
31 8,134,686 Immersion exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
32 8,134,615 Image defect correction apparatus, image defect correction method, and program therefor
33 8,134,607 Recording apparatus
34 8,134,599 Scanning image display apparatus
35 8,134,582 Color display apparatus
36 8,134,288 Electron-emitting device, electron source, and image display apparatus
37 8,134,190 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
38 8,133,668 Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
39 8,133,662 Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
40 8,133,623 Fuel cell
41 8,133,538 Method of producing mold having uneven structure
42 8,133,528 Electron gun evaporation apparatus and film formation method using the electron gun evaporation apparatus
43 8,132,923 Cooling device and image projection apparatus having the same
44 8,132,914 Imaging control apparatus for capturing tomogram of fundus, imaging apparatus, imaging control method, program, and storage medium
45 8,132,913 Adaptive optics apparatus and imaging apparatus including the same
46 8,132,900 Inkjet recording head cartridge
47 8,132,898 Recording head and recording apparatus
48 8,132,896 Liquid discharge head and method of manufacturing the same
49 8,132,895 Printhead substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus
50 8,132,879 Inkjet printing apparatus and printhead driving method
51 8,132,878 Ink jet printing apparatus, ink jet printing method, and data generating apparatus
52 8,132,810 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
53 8,132,803 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus