Canon patents granted on 13 May 2008

13 US patents granted on 13 May 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,373,593 Apparatus and method for automatically setting constraints within a document layout
2 7,373,434 Multi-function apparatus and control method thereof
3 7,373,213 Management system and apparatus, method therefor, and device manufacturing method
4 7,373,006 Image processing apparatus
5 7,372,594 Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
6 7,372,590 Printing method, printing apparatus, printing program executable by information processing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium storing program
7 7,372,542 Immersion exposure technique
8 7,372,278 Electric potential measuring apparatus electrostatic capacitance measuring apparatus, electric potential measuring method, electrostatic capacitance measuring method, and image forming apparatus
9 7,372,008 Image heating apparatus with electric power supply stop means
10 7,371,494 Magnetic toner and method of manufacturing magnetic toner
11 7,371,274 Water-based ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, ink jet recording apparatus, and image forming method.
12 7,370,973 Displaying optical system and image projection apparatus
13 7,370,927 Recording apparatus