Canon patents granted on 13 May 2014

68 US patents granted on 13 May 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 8,726,401 Data transmission apparatus, control method therefor, and image input/output apparatus
2 8,726,094 Communication monitoring apparatus, communication monitoring method, and storage medium storing communication monitoring program
3 8,726,058 Power supply system, powered device, and power reception method
4 8,725,908 Information processing apparatus, peripheral apparatus control method, and storage medium
5 8,725,897 Communication apparatus and control method thereof
6 8,725,856 Discovery of network services
7 8,725,817 Service disclosure device, service disclosure method, and program
8 8,725,047 Image forming apparatus
9 8,725,044 Developing device
10 8,725,042 Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
11 8,725,025 Image heating apparatus
12 8,725,021 Image forming apparatus with controlled developer removal
13 8,725,020 Image forming apparatus having fixing unit for fixing unfixed toner image formed on recording material onto recording material by heat
14 8,725,015 Image forming apparatus
15 8,725,014 Image forming apparatus
16 8,725,013 Image forming apparatus using a transparent toner
17 8,724,980 Lens driving apparatus and control method thereof, and image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
18 8,724,959 Image recording apparatus and image displaying method
19 8,724,901 Image processing method, apparatus and program for dividing an image for processing
20 8,724,772 X-ray fluoroscopic radiographing apparatus and method
21 8,724,241 Prism unit and a projection image display apparatus
22 8,724,234 Fisheye zoom lens barrel having marks on zoom operation ring
23 8,724,233 Lens position control apparatus, imaging apparatus, and control method
24 8,724,231 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with same
25 8,724,199 Optical scanning apparatus including mechanism for shielding lens from air flow
26 8,724,173 Control apparatus, controlling method, program and recording medium
27 8,724,172 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium capable of realizing high speed generation processing of bitmap image data without increasing the load of object combining processing
28 8,724,171 Method of compressing color reproduction range and profile creation device using same
29 8,724,169 Image processing apparatus for printing with a spot color recording material and three-dimensionally previewing an output image in a virtual space prior to printing
30 8,724,167 Image processing apparatus and image processing method to reduce recording material amount
31 8,724,163 Optical scanning apparatus, light power control method, and image forming apparatus for adjusting drive current supplied to the light source
32 8,724,158 Preview display for multiple-sided printing
33 8,724,157 Printing apparatus and printer driver
34 8,724,153 Information processing apparatus, method of information processing, and storage mediurn for performing scaling processing on image data
35 8,724,144 Facsimile machine, control method therefor, and control program therefor
36 8,724,142 Image forming device, printing a print job based on a changed print setting
37 8,724,137 Information processing apparatus and memory management technique for secure print data
38 8,724,133 Image forming apparatus, control method of the image forming apparatus, and recording medium
39 8,724,131 Method, apparatus and computer-readable storage medium for use in inkjet printing
40 8,724,114 Interferometer and distance calculation method therefor
41 8,724,019 Electronic apparatus
42 8,724,011 Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor
43 8,724,008 Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image processing method, and program for performing image restoration
44 8,723,996 Imaging apparatus, imaging system, signal processing method and program
45 8,723,985 Camera, camera system and lens apparatus
46 8,723,973 Imaging apparatus using a recording medium with a function to transmit image data recorded in a predetermined folder to an external device, and recording reduced image data in a folder different from the predetermined folder after transmitting the image data, and control method and non-transitory computer readable storage medium thereof
47 8,723,967 Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, and image processing method for performing cut-out processing for an image for electronic image-stabilization
48 8,723,907 Image forming apparatus, with control unit configured to control a value of bias current
49 8,723,884 Scan converting a set of vector edges to a set of pixel aligned edges
50 8,723,805 Information input device, information input method, and information input program
51 8,723,285 Photoelectric conversion device manufacturing method thereof, and camera
52 8,723,232 Solid-state imaging apparatus
53 8,723,208 Light-emitting device having a fine structure interposed between a light-emitting layer and a substrate
54 8,723,131 Radiation imaging system
55 8,723,099 Solid-state imaging apparatus
56 8,722,303 Image forming method
57 8,722,220 Hydrophobic catalyst layer for polymer electrolyte fuel cell and method of producing the same, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell and method of producing the same
58 8,722,159 Recording medium
59 8,721,089 Image projection apparatus having plural interchangeable projection optical systems
60 8,721,079 Fundus camera
61 8,721,050 Liquid discharge head with protective layer and liquid discharge device
62 8,721,048 Substrate for liquid discharge head and liquid discharge head
63 8,721,047 Liquid ejection head and ink jet printing apparatus
64 8,721,025 Method of measuring printer spatial characteristics
65 8,721,021 Inkjet printing apparatus and printing method
66 8,721,017 Printing apparatus and printing method
67 8,720,886 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
68 8,720,434 Medicine ejection device and controlling method thereof