Canon patents granted on 13 October 2009

49 US patents granted on 13 October 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 7,603,618 Document processing apparatus, control method therefor, and computer program
2 7,603,590 Information processing apparatus and notification method therefor, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
3 7,603,564 Login device and control method of the same, data processing device and method
4 7,603,561 Methods and apparatus for input of coded image data
5 7,603,409 Providing an album to a communication terminal via a network
6 7,603,383 Image communication system, server apparatus, and image communication method
7 7,603,280 Speech output apparatus, speech output method, and program
8 7,603,278 Segment set creating method and apparatus
9 7,603,269 Speech recognition grammar creating apparatus, control method therefor, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
10 7,603,065 Image forming apparatus, cartridge, storage device and developer supplying method
11 7,603,064 Unit for tone-processing image data using screen pattern with different screen angles for toners of same hue and different density
12 7,603,030 Optical apparatus for correcting the movement of a focusing lens in accordance with a change in focal length
13 7,603,026 Information processing method and information processing apparatus
14 7,603,023 Recording apparatus and recording method capable of recording series of content data on different recording media
15 7,602,980 Image processing apparatus and method
16 7,602,979 Information processing method and apparatus
17 7,602,708 Method and device for communicating information
18 7,602,564 Optical element holding apparatus
19 7,602,554 Optical scanning apparatus
20 7,602,537 Gamut mapping with primary color rotation
21 7,602,516 Image processing system, apparatus, method, and storage medium storing a computer program, for combining image data using multiple devices
22 7,602,512 Method and apparatus for authentication in secure printing
23 7,602,504 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
24 7,602,476 Substrate-holding technique
25 7,602,474 Exposure apparatus
26 7,602,473 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the same
27 7,602,436 Lens apparatus
28 7,602,435 Image-taking apparatus and focus control program for image-taking apparatus
29 7,602,433 Drive controlling apparatus of optical apparatus and optical apparatus
30 7,602,425 Signal processing apparatus and image data generation apparatus with electronic reduction and enlargement signal processing capabilities
31 7,602,420 Image capture apparatus, method for controlling the same and computer program
32 7,602,417 Image processing method, imaging apparatus, and storage medium storing control program of image processing method executable by computer
33 7,602,091 Positioning apparatus and exposure apparatus
34 7,602,088 Linear motor and exposure apparatus having the same
35 7,602,086 Driving device, exposure apparatus using the same, and device manufacturing method
36 7,601,984 Field effect transistor with amorphous oxide active layer containing microcrystals and gate electrode opposed to active layer through gate insulator
37 7,601,790 Amphiphilic block copolymer, polymer-containing composition containing the same, and method and apparatus for applying liquid using the polymer-containing composition
38 7,601,779 Polymer compound and recording medium
39 7,601,478 Bicyclo compound, method for producing fused aromatic compound using the same and method for forming film of the same
40 7,601,295 Filter, liquid discharge head utilizing the same, and producing method therefor
41 7,601,210 Ink jet ink, method of producing ink jet ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, and cyan ink
42 7,600,857 Liquid discharge head
43 7,600,851 Printing head and ink jet printing apparatus
44 7,600,848 Printing apparatus and method for setting adjustment values for inks having low detection sensitivity
45 7,600,841 Recording apparatus
46 7,600,839 Recording apparatus which can prevent block switching noises
47 7,600,836 Printhead driving method for printhead with reference voltage source, voltage divider, and differential amplifier
48 7,600,835 Ink tank, printing apparatus and monitoring system for used-ink amount
49 D602,076 Ink cartridge for printer