Canon patents granted on 13 October 2015

81 US patents granted on 13 October 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 9,161,220 Communication system, information processing device, connection device, and connection device designation method for designating connection device for communication device to connect to
2 9,161,011 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
3 9,161,002 Image capture apparatus, control method, and recording medium related to Bayer structure
4 9,161,001 Image capturing apparatus that suppresses color deviation resulting from noise due to temperature and exposure time
5 9,160,989 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium for increasing pixels
6 9,160,973 Broadcast receiving apparatus and broadcast receiving method
7 9,160,942 Solid-state imaging sensor, ranging device, and imaging apparatus
8 9,160,934 Image capturing apparatus obtaining high-exposure and low-exposure images, and method for controlling the same
9 9,160,930 Lens driving control apparatus and lens apparatus
10 9,160,926 Image processing apparatus having display device, control method therefor, and storage medium
11 9,160,922 Subject detection device and control method for the same, imaging apparatus, and storage medium
12 9,160,918 Focus control apparatus and method for performing focus control by phase difference detection, and image capturing apparatus
13 9,160,916 Focus adjustment apparatus with a size detector
14 9,160,913 Image matching system, providing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image matching method, and program
15 9,160,905 Imaging apparatus and interchangeable lens
16 9,160,901 Image pickup apparatus, lens unit, and methods of controlling the same
17 9,160,900 Systems and methods for compressive light sensing using multiple spatial light modulators
18 9,160,893 Image recording system and image recording method
19 9,160,888 Information processing apparatus, user information management control method, and storage medium
20 9,160,886 Image processing apparatus and method for controlling the same
21 9,160,878 Server apparatus that enables easy use of image input apparatus, information processing apparatus, methods of controlling the apparatuses, control program, and storage medium
22 9,160,875 Image forming apparatus using technique for controlling power supply
23 9,160,873 Information processing system controlling image processing apparatus to display screen information, control method therefor, external control apparatus, information provision apparatus, image processing apparatus, and storage medium storing program
24 9,160,872 Display control apparatus and display control method
25 9,160,870 Image processing apparatus for transmitting data to a selected transmission destination, control method therefor and storage medium
26 9,160,868 Document reading apparatus, document reading method and storage medium
27 9,160,724 Devices, systems, and methods for device provisioning
28 9,160,621 Network system, server, information processing apparatus, log registration method, and program
29 9,160,235 Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus
30 9,160,138 Light-emitting element array
31 9,159,903 Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, and electronic equipment
32 9,159,765 Apparatus for detecting soft X-ray radiation and X-ray detection system including such apparatus
33 9,159,750 Solid-state image sensing device
34 9,159,525 Radiation generating tube
35 9,159,287 Image display apparatus and image display method
36 9,159,169 Image display apparatus, imaging apparatus, image display method, control method for imaging apparatus, and program
37 9,159,117 Drawing data generation apparatus, drawing data generation method, program, and drawing data generation system for changing magnification of displayed images
38 9,159,001 Device, method, and recording medium for controlling image forming apparatus
39 9,158,999 Printing apparatus, method of changing layout, and storage medium
40 9,158,970 Devices, systems, and methods for visual-attribute refinement
41 9,158,721 Information processing apparatus, control method, and program
42 9,158,524 Information processing apparatus and method therefor
43 9,158,488 Data processing apparatus and data processing method for generating data to be edited using a print driver
44 9,158,484 Image processing apparatus, method for controlling the image processing apparatus, and storage medium
45 9,158,403 Electronic device including touch panel and control method of electronic device including touch panel
46 9,158,402 Method and apparatus for detecting and interpreting path of designated position
47 9,158,353 Information processing apparatus that offers chance of eliminating hang-up state by using a power supply, control method therefor, and storage medium
48 9,158,273 Image forming apparatus
49 9,158,261 Image forming system
50 9,158,251 Film and image heating device using film
51 9,158,242 Image forming apparatus
52 9,158,241 Image forming apparatus
53 9,158,240 Image forming apparatus that prevents surface speed difference from being generated between photosensitive drum and intermediate transfer belt
54 9,158,238 Image forming apparatus using stretch member and contact member to maintain potential with current flowing from current supply member to intermediate transfer belt
55 9,158,237 Image forming apparatus having movable endless belt supporting member
56 9,158,234 Developing device for use with an electrophotographic image forming apparatus, process cartridge detachably mountable to a main assembly of an electrophotographic image forming apparatus, and an electrophotographic image forming apparatus
57 9,158,231 Image forming apparatus having process condition control
58 9,158,225 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus with detection of remaining developer amount
59 9,158,223 Image forming apparatus
60 9,158,217 Toner
61 9,158,216 Method for producing toner particles
62 9,158,214 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, intermediate transfer member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
63 9,158,213 Charging member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
64 9,158,211 Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
65 9,158,136 Driving circuit for light modulator
66 9,158,112 Light scanning apparatus with single optical imaging element and image forming apparatus using the same
67 9,158,088 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
68 9,158,083 Ultrasonic motor and lens apparatus including the same
69 9,158,062 Illumination apparatus, image sensor unit, and image reading apparatus
70 9,158,039 Optical element, and optical system and optical apparatus using same
71 9,157,855 Material classification
72 9,157,796 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system having photoelectric conversion apparatus with substrate including first and second circuits having first and second drive frequencies
73 9,157,726 Optical coherence tomographic imaging apparatus and method thereof
74 9,156,645 Sheet storage apparatus and image forming apparatus
75 9,156,644 Printing apparatus and control method thereof
76 9,156,641 Image forming apparatus and control method for controlling sheets fed from a detachable sheet feeding unit using detected sheet intervals
77 9,156,639 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
78 9,156,263 Liquid ejection head and method of producing the same
79 9,156,257 Recording method
80 9,156,252 Liquid ejection apparatus and sensor unit
81 9,156,162 Information processing apparatus and information processing method