Canon patents granted on 14 April 2009

48 US patents granted on 14 April 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 RE40,699 Facsimile apparatus controlling communication in accordance with registered execution of the error correction mode
2 7,519,971 Data processing method, information processing apparatus, and program
3 7,519,868 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, computer program, and storage medium
4 7,519,656 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, storage medium that stores program for implementing that method to be readable by information processing apparatus, and program
5 7,519,320 Image heating apparatus in which heater for heating heat roller is outside heat roller
6 7,519,311 Developing apparatus, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and assemblying method for developing apparatus
7 7,519,310 Process cartridge having cartridge positioning portion and movable member and image forming apparatus mounting said process cartridge
8 7,519,285 Imaging apparatus, imaging method, imaging program, and storage medium
9 7,519,226 Form search apparatus and method
10 7,519,218 Marker detection method and apparatus, and position and orientation estimation method
11 7,518,807 Focus adjustment apparatus, image pickup apparatus, and control method
12 7,518,774 Optical deflector and optical instrument using the same
13 7,518,768 Image reading apparatus having support structure
14 7,518,757 Image reading apparatus and control program therefor
15 7,518,751 Image processing system and control method therefor
16 7,518,747 Informing a user of the status of a job that corresponds to obtained job identification information
17 7,518,735 Measurement method and apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
18 7,518,717 Exposure apparatus and a device manufacturing method using the same
19 7,518,708 Liquid-immersion exposure method and liquid-immersion exposure apparatus
20 7,518,707 Exposure apparatus
21 7,518,658 Receiving apparatus
22 7,518,656 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, signal processing program, program reproducing apparatus, image display apparatus and image display method
23 7,518,649 Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor, and control program
24 7,518,638 Setting control of bracketing image sensing operation in image sensing apparatus
25 7,518,636 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
26 7,518,635 Method and apparatus for image sensing
27 7,518,627 Image forming apparatus
28 7,518,286 Vibration wave driven apparatus and vibrator
29 7,518,141 Multicolor organic light emitting apparatus
30 7,518,132 Light source apparatus, exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
31 7,518,096 Method of designing photoelectric conversion apparatus with carefully set antireflective film thickness
32 7,518,089 Image heating apparatus including flexible metallic sleeve, and heater used for this apparatus
33 7,517,627 Toner, image forming method and process-cartridge
34 7,517,626 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, and electrophotographic apparatus and process cartridge which make use of the same
35 7,517,596 Phenanthroline compound and light-emitting device
36 7,517,554 Process for producing nanostructure of mixed film of Al, Si, and/or Ge
37 7,517,438 Magnetic recording disk, magnetic recording disk manufacturing method and magnetic recording disk manufacturing system
38 7,517,079 Image forming method and image forming apparatus
39 7,517,078 Image forming apparatus
40 7,517,074 Printing medium coating solution, ink-jet ink, image forming method, set of printing medium coating solution and ink-jet ink, and ink-jet recording apparatus
41 7,517,073 Liquid composition, set of liquid composition and ink, ink jet recording apparatus, and image forming method
42 7,517,070 Ink tank, recording head and package including the ink tank and the recording head
43 7,517,067 Ink supply system, recording apparatus, recording head, and liquid supply system
44 7,517,063 Piezoelectric element
45 7,517,059 Liquid jet head and method for producing the same
46 7,517,058 Ink jet recording head having structural members in ink supply port
47 7,517,052 Ink-jet head and ink-jet recording apparatus using the head
48 7,517,044 Inkjet printing apparatus and preliminary discharge control method of said apparatus