Canon patents granted on 14 April 2015

79 US patents granted on 14 April 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 9,009,522 Management system, image forming apparatus, and method thereof for managing an operation state of the image forming apparatus
2 9,009,344 Method of sending data and associated device
3 9,009,331 Communication device, control method thereof and storage medium
4 9,009,285 Network system and management method therefor
5 9,009,275 Image forming apparatus, control method of image forming apparatus, program, and storage medium
6 9,009,244 Image forming apparatus, and control method thereof
7 9,008,983 Waveguide, apparatus including the waveguide, and method of manufacturing the waveguide
8 9,008,554 Toner supplying device
9 9,008,552 Charging member and electrophotographic apparatus
10 9,008,538 Image forming apparatus
11 9,008,532 Image processing apparatus operable by AC power and DC power, method of controlling the apparatus, and storage medium
12 9,008,523 Image forming apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
13 9,008,497 Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor
14 9,008,461 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
15 9,008,437 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and storage medium
16 9,008,412 Image processing device, image processing method and recording medium for combining image data using depth and color information
17 9,008,407 Noise reduction processing method and apparatus for a biological tissue image
18 9,008,358 Encoding a specific area with higher quality than a non-specific area
19 9,008,268 Multi X-ray imaging apparatus and control method therefor
20 9,007,704 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
21 9,007,671 Light-quantity control apparatus and optical apparatus
22 9,007,668 Image reading system, information processing apparatus, and storage medium
23 9,007,666 Determining whether an image is color
24 9,007,662 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program recorded recording medium
25 9,007,658 Inspection apparatus, inspection method, and program
26 9,007,655 Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus, and image processing method
27 9,007,653 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for printing an image using colored ink and clear liquid
28 9,007,641 Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
29 9,007,638 Shifting a power state of an image processing apparatus based on a command from an information processing apparatus
30 9,007,635 Image-forming apparatus communicating with an information-processing apparatus
31 9,007,629 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and computer program
32 9,007,625 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information processing system
33 9,007,624 Image processing system for facsimile data transmission, processing method therefor and storage medium of the same
34 9,007,616 Printing apparatus which restricts printing of print job data
35 9,007,614 Printing system including a printing apparatus and an information processing apparatus which communicates with the printing apparatus
36 9,007,602 Three-dimensional measurement apparatus, three-dimensional measurement method, and computer-readable medium storing control program
37 9,007,518 Image pickup system, image capturing method, and computer-readbale storage medium storing program for performing image capturing method
38 9,007,514 Focus adjusting apparatus and method
39 9,007,510 Optical apparatus
40 9,007,509 Foreign substance removing device and image pickup device
41 9,007,506 Image pickup apparatus, control method of image pickup apparatus, program, and storage medium
42 9,007,505 Image sensor with transfer transistors whose on periods are controlled by timing signals based on transistor transfer efficiencies
43 9,007,501 Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system
44 9,007,494 Image processing apparatus, method for controlling the same and storage medium
45 9,007,491 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
46 9,007,486 Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
47 9,007,482 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
48 9,007,470 Apparatus having image shake correction function and method of controlling the same
49 9,007,468 Image stabilization control apparatus and imaging apparatus with correction value based on outputs of first and second vibration detection units
50 9,007,445 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
51 9,007,442 Stereo image display system, stereo imaging apparatus and stereo display apparatus
52 9,007,414 Image forming apparatus and test image forming method
53 9,007,406 Display control apparatus and method of controlling the same
54 9,007,399 Information processing apparatus and method for generating image of virtual space
55 9,007,397 Image control apparatus, server and control method therefor
56 9,007,358 Display apparatus, method and computer readable medium that avoids failure in an automatic adjustment of an effective image area and dot clock
57 9,006,665 Radiation detection apparatus and radiographic system
58 9,006,656 Imaging apparatus using talbot interference and adjusting method for imaging apparatus
59 9,006,640 Image pickup apparatus capable of switching between modes to reduce power consumption
60 9,006,607 Light beam scanning apparatus, laser machining apparatus, test method and laser machining method
61 9,006,019 Method for manufacturing organic light-emitting device
62 9,005,865 Toner
63 9,005,778 Organic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
64 9,004,782 Camera
65 9,004,686 Imaging apparatus, control method, and storage medium
66 9,004,685 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
67 9,004,684 Fundus camera
68 9,004,673 Conveyance controller, printing apparatus, method of conveying printing medium, and printing medium conveyance apparatus
69 9,004,666 Process for producing substrate and substrate processing method
70 9,004,654 Ink cartridge, ink jet recording system and ink jet recording apparatus
71 9,004,650 Liquid discharge head, cleaning method for liquid discharge head, liquid discharge apparatus, and substrate for liquid discharge head
72 9,004,640 Printing apparatus
73 9,004,638 Color measuring apparatus, printing apparatus and backing plate
74 9,004,632 Ink jet recording apparatus
75 9,004,630 Inkjet printing apparatus and control method thereof
76 9,004,488 Conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
77 9,004,336 Sheet conveyance apparatus and recording apparatus
78 9,003,833 Porous glass, method of manufacturing the same and optical element
79 9,003,620 Process for producing liquid ejection head