Canon patents granted on 14 August 2007

42 US patents granted on 14 August 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,257,567 Document retrieving method and apparatus
2 7,257,550 Leveraging instant messaging presence to drive sales opportunities
3 7,257,540 Voice browser apparatus and voice browsing method
4 7,257,533 Database searching and retrieval using phoneme and word lattice
5 7,257,453 Exposure method and apparatus
6 7,257,353 Developing apparatus
7 7,257,349 Image forming apparatus whose image bearing member and developing device are provided in a cartridge dismountably mounted to the apparatus
8 7,257,342 Image forming apparatus
9 7,257,341 Image forming apparatus with power supply control for fusing control circuit
10 7,257,340 Image forming apparatus featuring a controller for switching a first transfer bias to a second smaller transfer bias while the print material is passing through a transfer nip portion
11 7,257,317 Recording apparatus and reproducing apparatus
12 7,257,311 Moving image data processing apparatus and method
13 7,257,282 Process of information transmission in optical circuit device and optical circuit device therefor
14 7,257,265 Image processing apparatus and method
15 7,257,264 Image processing apparatus and method for compression-encoding image area information
16 7,257,239 Method and apparatus for generating models of individuals
17 7,257,190 Radiographic device and control method therefor
18 7,257,099 Control apparatus for controlling wireless communication system, communication apparatus and control method therefor
19 7,256,952 Fixation method for optical member and optical unit
20 7,256,947 Optical element having minute periodic structure
21 7,256,917 Two-dimensional scanning apparatus and scanning type image displaying apparatus using the same
22 7,256,909 Proxy print processing apparatus, proxy print processing method, program, and memory medium
23 7,256,908 Printing control apparatus, data processing method for printing control apparatus, and storage medium storing computer-readable program
24 7,256,907 Server apparatus, job managing method, computer-readable memory medium, and program
25 7,256,906 Image processing apparatus and method for processing data for image processing apparatus
26 7,256,905 Communication apparatus, communication method and memory medium with plural data transmission components
27 7,256,868 Projection exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, and sensor unit
28 7,256,822 Video system
29 7,256,812 Laser exposing apparatus
30 7,256,717 Method for the encoding and decoding of a sequence of words, corresponding signal, encoder, decoder, computer programs and storage means
31 7,256,590 Capacitance sensor type measuring apparatus
32 7,256,408 Gas supply unit, gas supply method and exposure system
33 7,256,404 Radiation detecting apparatus, scintillator panel, and radiographing system
34 7,256,104 Substrate manufacturing method and substrate processing apparatus
35 7,255,969 Electrophotographic photosensitive member
36 7,255,901 Recording medium for ink and method for producing the same
37 7,255,426 Substrate for liquid discharge head, liquid discharge head using substrate for liquid discharge head and method of manufacturing the same
38 7,255,418 Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head, substrate for liquid discharge head and method for working substrate
39 7,255,415 Printing apparatus and printing apparatus control method
40 7,255,410 Ink jet recording apparatus
41 D548,780 Ink tank for printer
42 D548,777 Printer