Canon patents granted on 14 August 2012

77 US patents granted on 14 August 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,245,317 Atomic force microscope
2 8,245,290 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and storage medium for performing access control of document including two-dimensional code
3 8,245,149 Associating an object with a print driver on a display
4 8,245,114 Transmitting apparatus, transmitting method, and program
5 8,244,923 Application setting management apparatus, and method and program for controlling setting management apparatus
6 8,244,921 Apparatus for providing a user interface, peripheral devices, computer means, methods of providing a user interface, and programs
7 8,244,860 System, method, and computer-readable medium for managing communications among service modules
8 8,244,385 Control device including iterative learning control circuit
9 8,244,165 Imaging forming apparatus and method of controlling same
10 8,244,157 Image-forming apparatus
11 8,244,150 Fixing apparatus
12 8,244,147 Charging apparatus with shutter
13 8,244,146 Image forming apparatus and image forming method with error corrected potential measurements
14 8,244,119 Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling the same
15 8,244,112 Video processing apparatus and controlling method for same
16 8,244,067 Constellation detection
17 8,244,065 Information processing apparatus including print job retrieval function, information processing method, program, and recording medium
18 8,244,035 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
19 8,244,033 Image encoding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, and control method thereof
20 8,243,989 Collaborative tracking
21 8,243,879 Source grating for X-rays, imaging apparatus for X-ray phase contrast image and X-ray computed tomography system
22 8,243,821 For spatial Wyner Ziv coding
23 8,243,751 Methods of transmitting and receiving data content in a communications network, and corresponding computer-readable storage media and devices
24 8,243,727 Methods for synchronizing applicative clock signals in a synchronous communications network, corresponding emitter and receiver devices, computer-readable storage means
25 8,243,703 Communication system, management apparatus, control method therefor, storage medium, registration apparatus and base station
26 8,243,378 Holding apparatus, telescope, and optical apparatus
27 8,243,373 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
28 8,243,370 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
29 8,243,368 Optical element and optical apparatus
30 8,243,352 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
31 8,243,351 Image reading apparatus, multifunction printer apparatus, and image processing method
32 8,243,349 Image reading method and image reading apparatus
33 8,243,343 Recording material detecting apparatus
34 8,243,335 Device for changing screen ruling for image formation in accordance with relationship between luminance and saturation
35 8,243,333 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer program
36 8,243,324 Document processing system, information processing apparatus, and setting methods therefor
37 8,243,323 Image forming apparatus
38 8,243,321 Document processing apparatus and document processing method
39 8,243,320 Document management apparatus, control method therefor, computer program, and storage medium
40 8,243,309 Image processing apparatus which can automatically set an operation mode in accordance with the contents of a connected memory and the state of the apparatus and control method thereof
41 8,243,300 Printing system, printing method and printer which facilitate print management using authorization tokens
42 8,243,299 Printing apparatus with recovery from interruption factor, controlling method, and storage medium
43 8,243,297 Information processing apparatus capable of adding additional functions to print processing related program, print control method and program
44 8,243,282 Interferometric shape measurement of different signs of curvature
45 8,243,279 Displacement measurement apparatus
46 8,243,266 Sample observation system and sample observation process
47 8,243,256 Measurement apparatus for measuring an aberration of an optical system, measurement method, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
48 8,243,190 Solid state image pickup device and camera with focus detection using level shifting
49 8,243,174 Defect pixel detection apparatus and method for detecting defect pixel
50 8,243,114 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
51 8,243,084 Apparatus and method for processing data
52 8,243,061 Image processing apparatus and method of controlling operation of same
53 8,243,055 Light-emitting display device
54 8,243,035 Information processing method and apparatus
55 8,242,975 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and system
56 8,242,873 Transformer, switching power supply device, and DC-DC converter device
57 8,242,689 Organic electroluminescence display device
58 8,242,682 Light emitting screen and method of fabricating the light emitting screen
59 8,242,681 Display panel and image display apparatus
60 8,242,292 Method of producing 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid
61 8,241,951 Method of manufacturing solid-state image pickup device and solid-state image pickup device
62 8,241,783 Battery lid structure for electronic device
63 8,241,709 Method for producing electrode having immobilized .pi.-conjugated ligands, electrode having immobilized .pi.-conjugated metal complexes, and electrode having immobilized .pi.-conjugated multinuclear metal complexes
64 8,241,540 Method of manufacturing liquid discharge head
65 8,241,510 Inkjet recording head, method for producing same, and semiconductor device
66 8,240,826 Ink tank for liquid printing apparatus, method of manufacturing same, liquid printing apparatus with same, and method of detecting remaining ink
67 8,240,815 Recording element substrate, and inkjet head and its production method
68 8,240,814 Printing head
69 8,240,804 Printing apparatus and printing control method
70 8,240,803 Recording apparatus and method for controlling the recording apparatus
71 8,240,802 Printing apparatus and method for adjusting printing position
72 8,240,799 Inkjet printing apparatus and printhead control method of the apparatus
73 8,240,795 Printing method and printing apparatus
74 8,240,665 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
75 8,240,664 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
76 8,240,551 Device, method and program for determining density of barcode
77 8,240,303 Liquid ejection device