Canon patents granted on 14 June 2016

64 US patents granted on 14 June 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,370,130 Casing for electronic equipment and image forming apparatus
2 9,369,698 Imaging apparatus and method for controlling same
3 9,369,649 Imaging apparatus, imaging system, and method for driving imaging apparatus
4 9,369,640 Imaging device and imaging apparatus
5 9,369,639 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium
6 9,369,633 Imaging apparatus, control method, and storage medium storing program
7 9,369,629 Communication apparatus, control method of communication apparatus and program
8 9,369,626 Electronic device and imaging apparatus that prevent processing related to an invalid function
9 9,369,623 Remote-control apparatus and control method thereof, image capturing apparatus and control method thereof, and system
10 9,369,610 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
11 9,369,609 Information processing apparatus E.G. printing apparatus to print image based on data to be printed, determines parameter to be used based on degree of compression when error diffusion processing is performed on expanded image data
12 9,369,605 Image processing apparatus for outputting information embedded in a code image according to version information included in the code image
13 9,369,601 Image reading apparatus having a flexible flat cable
14 9,369,598 Reading apparatus with compact drive unit assembly
15 9,369,489 Management device, management system, control method, and storage medium
16 9,369,067 Vibrational wave driving apparatus
17 9,368,668 Photoelectric conversion device manufacturing method, photoelectric conversion device, and imaging system
18 9,368,544 Photoelectric conversion device, image pickup system and method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
19 9,368,331 Sputtering apparatus
20 9,367,945 Object information acquisition apparatus, display method, and computer-readable medium storing program
21 9,367,909 Devices, systems, and methods for classifying materials based on a bidirectional reflectance distribution function
22 9,367,901 Image processing apparatus and image processing method to generate images based on adjusted gain coefficients
23 9,367,771 Apparatus handling codes, method for controlling the same, and program
24 9,367,768 Image processing device, image processing method, and storage medium computer-readably storing program therefor
25 9,367,734 Apparatus, control method, and storage medium for setting object detection region in an image
26 9,367,528 Method and device for document coding and method and device for document decoding
27 9,367,272 Image processing apparatus, and method for controlling image processing apparatus
28 9,367,269 Printing apparatus and wireless communication method to implement charging control for printing a print data transmitted by a communication terminal
29 9,367,266 Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
30 9,367,222 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
31 9,367,220 Imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same
32 9,367,034 Image forming apparatus
33 9,367,031 Process cartridge
34 9,367,025 Cartridge including cartridge electrode integrally molded with frame
35 9,367,023 Unit and image forming apparatus
36 9,367,012 Printing apparatus having a sheet storage unit that stores a sheet on which an image has been printed, printing method, and storage medium
37 9,367,009 Fixing member having a porous elastic layer with a needle-like filler
38 9,367,008 Electrophotographic member and heat fixing assembly
39 9,367,006 Image heating apparatus including a covering member configured to cover an electrode portion
40 9,367,003 Image heating apparatus including overheating preventing element configured to interrupt electrical power supply to heater
41 9,367,002 Image forming apparatus and fixing unit attachable to image forming apparatus
42 9,366,994 Developer container, cartridge, and image forming apparatus
43 9,366,988 Developing device and image forming apparatus
44 9,366,984 Image forming apparatus that forms color image by superimposing plurality of images in different colors
45 9,366,981 Toner and toner production method
46 9,366,943 Image capturing illumination apparatus
47 9,366,941 Light amount adjustment device, optical device, and image capturing apparatus
48 9,366,791 Diffractive optical element and manufacturing method for the same
49 9,366,767 Radiation detecting apparatus and radiation detecting system
50 9,366,587 Optical force sensor and apparatus using optical force sensor
51 9,366,564 Acoustic wave receiving apparatus
52 9,366,525 Mark position detector, imprint apparatus, and article manufacturing method
53 9,365,733 Ink jet ink and ink jet recording method
54 9,365,386 Sheet processing apparatus that performs post-processing, and image forming system having the same
55 9,365,066 Recording medium and method for manufacturing recording medium
56 9,365,060 Apparatus for motor control of an apparatus with a motor
57 9,365,059 Motor control method and print apparatus
58 9,365,043 Liquid ejection head
59 9,365,037 Liquid discharge apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
60 9,365,036 Printing apparatus and printhead
61 9,364,952 Force sensor protection mechanism, end effector, and robot arm
62 9,364,913 Method for brazing sheet material and heat exchanger
63 9,364,910 Wire electrical discharge machining system, wire electrical discharge machining method, and workpiece
64 9,364,152 Object information acquiring apparatus