Canon patents granted on 14 October 2008

58 US patents granted on 14 October 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 D578,568 Printer
2 7,437,467 Printing system and method of setting same, information processing apparatus and storage medium
3 7,437,436 Server, device, client, information processing method of server, information processing method of device, information processing method of client, information processing program, and memory medium
4 7,437,366 Document management system having document transmission device, document management server, and document management client
5 7,437,339 Pulse signal circuit, parallel processing circuit, pattern recognition system, and image input system
6 7,437,315 Merchandise sales system for selling merchandise produced by printing image data on a printing medium
7 7,437,145 Wireless control apparatus, system, control method, and program
8 7,437,113 Image forming apparatus with magnetic flux shields and recovery operation
9 7,437,097 Electrophotographic photosensitive member whose insert member has first and second surfaces of different levels, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus having such photosensitive member
10 7,437,093 Sheet-processing system
11 7,437,090 Image heating apparatus with control means for effecting control of power supply
12 7,437,088 Image forming apparatus including first and second cleaning members with applied voltages based on recording material type
13 7,437,086 Image forming apparatus with change unit for changing temperature of fixing unit at time of actuating image forming unit
14 7,437,085 Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
15 7,437,065 Imaging apparatus
16 7,437,011 Image processing apparatus and method
17 7,437,002 Image recognition system utilizing an edge image and a binary image
18 7,436,941 Plural-communication-line-containing apparatus, communication line naming program, communication line selection apparatus, and communication line selection program
19 7,436,869 Laser circuit substrate
20 7,436,819 Communication apparatus and control method thereof
21 7,436,566 Oscillating device, optical deflector and method of controlling the same
22 7,436,563 Optical scanning apparatus with composite collimator-deflector between laser source and deflection scanner
23 7,436,557 Image reading system, image reading method and program for implementing the method
24 7,436,552 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and control program
25 7,436,551 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
26 7,436,545 Method of forming image, image forming apparatus, and program for carrying out the method
27 7,436,541 Information processing apparatus with an additional function unit
28 7,436,539 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium storing a program readable by a computer and program
29 7,436,532 Print control apparatus, print control method, and computer-executable program
30 7,436,529 Recording control apparatus and control method using the same recording control apparatus
31 7,436,528 Image forming apparatus with manual inhibiting of plural image retention forming mode and control method therefor
32 7,436,490 Exposure apparatus using blaze type diffraction grating to diffract EUV light and device manufacturing method using the exposure apparatus
33 7,436,488 Wide-angle lens and zoom lens
34 7,436,453 Electronic apparatus and camera having connectors
35 7,436,451 Image sensing apparatus and its control method
36 7,436,444 Radiation image pick-up apparatus having reading element, drive circuit for driving reading element, and control circuit for controlling drive circuit
37 7,436,440 Image processing apparatus and method for describing recorded attribute information using tags, and program for implementing the method
38 7,436,419 Consumable cassette and recording apparatus
39 7,436,416 Color printer and control method thereof with pulse width modulation for tone control based on type of document and number of colors printed
40 7,436,413 Image data processing apparatus and image display apparatus
41 7,436,343 Solid state image pickup apparatus, camera and driving method of solid state image pickup apparatus
42 7,436,332 Runlength encoding of leading ones and zeros
43 7,436,135 Method for controlling stage apparatus
44 7,436,110 Image display apparatus having a spacer with electroconductive members
45 7,435,989 Semiconductor device with layer containing polysiloxane compound
46 7,435,984 Imaging optical system and exposure apparatus
47 7,435,968 Radiation detecting apparatus, radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
48 7,435,689 Process for fabricating electron emitting device, electron source, and image display device
49 7,435,535 Method for forming patterned insulating elements and methods for making electron source and image display device
50 7,435,017 Digital single lens reflex camera
51 7,434,921 Liquid container, ink jet recording apparatus and liquid filling method
52 7,434,920 Liquid container for ink jet recording apparatus with structure to promote gas-liquid exchange
53 7,434,917 Ink jet recording head having temperature control heaters and nozzle arrays of differing discharge amounts
54 7,434,916 Liquid ejection head
55 7,434,905 Image forming apparatus and image forming control method
56 7,434,804 Sheet processing apparatus and sheet processing method
57 7,434,802 Sheet discharging apparatus and sheet treating apparatus provided with the same
58 7,434,796 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus using sheet processing apparatus