Canon patents granted on 14 October 2014

90 US patents granted on 14 October 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 8,863,264 Image forming apparatus, controlling method and program
2 8,863,149 Message processing apparatus and message processing method
3 8,863,112 Information processing apparatus and controlling method thereof
4 8,863,036 Information processing apparatus, display control method, and storage medium
5 8,862,997 Network management system and network management method
6 8,862,990 Information processing apparatus and data processing method for generating print information based on a print instruction from a browser
7 8,862,911 Information processing apparatus, method for avoiding a time-out error
8 8,862,873 Shortcut management unit and method, and storage medium
9 8,862,822 Information processing apparatus and start-up method of the apparatus
10 8,862,267 Gripping apparatus and gripping apparatus control method
11 8,862,256 Electronic apparatus
12 8,862,039 Image forming apparatus
13 8,862,023 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and supporting member
14 8,862,022 Image forming apparatus and cartridge
15 8,862,018 Cleaning unit and image forming apparatus using the same
16 8,862,015 Image forming apparatus with urging member that establishes electrical connection with a cartridge
17 8,862,014 Electrophotographic color image forming apparatus with movable member for supporting a cartridge
18 8,862,011 Image forming apparatus having test image formation
19 8,862,009 Image heating apparatus
20 8,862,008 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
21 8,862,001 Image forming apparatus with toner image alignment
22 8,861,999 Recording-material identifying apparatus and image forming apparatus
23 8,861,997 Rotary driving apparatus, control method therefor, storage medium storing control program therefor, and image forming apparatus
24 8,861,996 Image forming apparatus using plurality of rotation members, and control method thereof
25 8,861,990 Image forming apparatus
26 8,861,950 Imaging apparatus and control method thereof
27 8,861,948 Image pickup apparatus
28 8,861,934 Apparatus, method, and medium storing a program, that reduce playback time differences when joining moving images of different formats
29 8,861,881 Image processing apparatus, method thereof, program, and image capturing apparatus
30 8,861,857 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
31 8,861,852 Image processing method for image restoration, image processing apparatus and image pickup apparatus
32 8,861,843 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
33 8,861,817 Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and computer program
34 8,861,803 Image recognition apparatus, image recognition method, and program
35 8,861,784 Object recognition apparatus and object recognition method
36 8,861,682 Multi X-ray generator and multi X-ray imaging apparatus
37 8,861,564 Distributed feedback surface emitting laser
38 8,861,305 Acoustic wave acquiring apparatus and control method thereof
39 8,861,103 Lens driving apparatus and optical apparatus having the same
40 8,861,098 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
41 8,861,093 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with the same
42 8,861,085 Fixed focal length lens having image stabilization function and optical apparatus
43 8,861,052 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable medium
44 8,861,049 Image reading apparatus for reading a conveyed document at a reading position
45 8,861,047 Document size detector
46 8,861,042 Image reading method, image reading system, and image reading apparatus
47 8,861,031 Printing using a selected color material
48 8,861,020 Image reading apparatus, control method of image reading apparatus, and storage medium
49 8,861,002 Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
50 8,860,996 Printing system, printer, print server, and method thereof
51 8,860,990 Information processing apparatus, PDL data conversion method, and storage medium
52 8,860,988 Print relay system, print relay system control method, and storage medium
53 8,860,983 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
54 8,860,978 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
55 8,860,975 Printing apparatus, method for controlling the printing apparatus, and storage medium
56 8,860,959 Configuring settings for exception pages in a print job
57 8,860,957 Image forming apparatus having a virtual machine for performing processing by issuing a processing request to a graphics library via an API
58 8,860,949 Interferometer
59 8,860,873 Focus detection apparatus and image pickup apparatus
60 8,860,872 Automatic focusing apparatus with cyclic pattern determination
61 8,860,862 Solid-state image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system using solid-state image pickup apparatus
62 8,860,860 Photoelectric-conversion device, focus detection apparatus, and image-pickup system for performing an operation to monitor an amount of light
63 8,860,858 Solid-state image sensor, driving method thereof, and camera
64 8,860,852 Image capturing apparatus
65 8,860,841 Camera control apparatus, camera control method, and camera system
66 8,860,827 Zoom lens apparatus and image pickup system having an image stabilzer with a lens positional deviation control, and operation unit thereof
67 8,860,823 Imaging apparatus, adapter device thererof, and information processing method
68 8,860,758 Display control apparatus and method for displaying overlapping windows
69 8,860,756 Automatic image cropping
70 8,860,724 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program storage medium
71 8,860,301 Dimming method of organic EL displaying apparatus and organic EL displaying apparatus
72 8,859,977 Wavefront measuring apparatus, wavefront measuring method, and computer-readable medium storing program
73 8,859,940 Image heating apparatus
74 8,859,177 Toner
75 8,859,174 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
76 8,859,172 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, method of producing electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
77 8,859,112 Organic compound and organic light emitting element using the same
78 8,859,092 Electrophotographic belt and electrophotographic apparatus
79 8,858,812 Processing method for an ink jet head substrate
80 8,858,716 Vacuum processing apparatus
81 8,858,101 Image pickup apparatus including bayonet coupling section in lens barrel, and accessory
82 8,857,996 Illumination optical system and image projection apparatus
83 8,857,993 Ophthalmologic apparatus
84 8,857,989 Ophthalmic apparatus and control method thereof
85 8,857,973 Sheet conveying device and recording apparatus
86 8,857,972 Inkjet recording apparatus
87 8,857,967 Set of ink and reaction liquid, and image forming method
88 8,857,953 Liquid ejection head formed of piezoelectric plates
89 8,857,934 Print element substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus
90 8,857,041 Method for fabricating an electromechanical transducer