Canon patents granted on 15 April 2008

32 US patents granted on 15 April 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,359,925 Database system, its control method, and information processing apparatus
2 7,359,798 Method of controlling display of point information on map
3 7,359,669 Fixing member, fixing apparatus and fixing method
4 7,359,654 Image generating apparatus
5 7,359,652 Image forming apparatus with tone correction and control method thereof
6 7,359,651 Image forming apparatus
7 7,359,632 Flash apparatus, image capture apparatus having a flash apparatus, and method of controlling a flash apparatus
8 7,359,621 Recording apparatus
9 7,359,617 Dual mode timeline interface
10 7,359,230 Nonvolatile memory device
11 7,359,089 Image processing method and apparatus
12 7,359,084 Preview display for multiple-sided printing
13 7,359,081 Information processing apparatus, distributed printing method, and storage medium
14 7,359,080 Playback apparatus, electronic camera apparatus, function expansion apparatus for electronic camera apparatus, control method for electronic camera apparatus, control method for image communication apparatus, and medium for providing control program
15 7,359,079 Print server, method, and system capable of handling different kinds of data
16 7,359,077 Printing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
17 7,359,075 Connection management system for creating and releasing connections to a print server
18 7,359,073 Image printing apparatus and control method therefor
19 7,359,033 Exposure method and apparatus
20 7,359,000 Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable program for implementing the control method
21 7,358,999 Focus sensing apparatus, focus sensing method using phase-differential detection and computer-readable storage medium therefor
22 7,358,994 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, recording medium thereof, and program thereof
23 7,358,990 Image-taking apparatus capable of saving image data files in folder on recording medium
24 7,358,943 Color display apparatus
25 7,358,918 Planar antenna apparatus
26 7,358,865 Optical encoder and apparatus using optical encoder
27 7,358,409 Substituted anthryl derivative and electroluminescence device using the same
28 7,358,070 Process for formation of pattern of polyhydroxyalkanoate
29 7,358,024 Process for producing toner, and apparatus for modifying surfaces of toner particles
30 7,357,690 Method for aligning needle-like structures and alignment unit
31 7,357,574 Radiographic imaging apparatus
32 7,357,483 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method