Canon patents granted on 15 December 2015

54 US patents granted on 15 December 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 9,215,748 Communication apparatus, control method for communication apparatus, and communication system
2 9,215,365 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
3 9,215,364 Focus detection apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image pickup system and focus detection method
4 9,215,356 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program to combine a composite image of noise suppressed images generated from images each including a direct current component and at least one noise suppresed image processed from at least one image not including the direct current component
5 9,215,347 Information processing system and program
6 9,215,346 Image forming apparatus
7 9,215,292 Information processing apparatus, data distribution system, method of controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium
8 9,214,578 Photoelectric conversion apparatus
9 9,214,491 Solid-state imaging apparatus for causing an FD capacitor value to be variable without increasing a number of elements
10 9,214,027 Apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
11 9,214,012 Apparatus and method for image processing and storage medium
12 9,213,925 Information processing apparatus, control method, and computer-readable storage medium for instructing printing to a printing apparatus
13 9,213,909 Object detection method, object detection apparatus, and program
14 9,213,906 Information processing apparatus and method
15 9,213,887 Processing information apparatus, control method and program for inputting and storing additional information according to contents
16 9,213,723 Image distribution apparatus and image distribution method
17 9,213,508 Information processing apparatus, print setting method, and storage medium
18 9,213,507 Apparatus, control method, and storage medium
19 9,213,306 Cartridge and image forming apparatus
20 9,213,301 Image forming apparatus
21 9,213,294 Tone correction process that corrects tone of image formed by image forming apparatus
22 9,213,293 Image forming apparatus having measurement unit that irradiates a measurement image and measures light reflected therefrom, and having shielding unit that can be moved to block such irradiation and moved to not block such irradiation
23 9,213,290 Image forming apparatus capable of changing the number of light receiving elements of a light receiving unit
24 9,213,280 Image-forming apparatus supplying power to heat generating member using phase control and/or wave number control
25 9,213,279 Fixing apparatus
26 9,213,278 Image forming apparatus
27 9,213,277 Image forming apparatus and method thereof
28 9,213,276 Image forming apparatus
29 9,213,273 Image forming apparatus
30 9,213,267 Developing device frame unit, developing device, process cartridge, and manufacturing method of the developing device frame unit
31 9,213,266 Development apparatus and cartridge with sealing member to prevent leakage of developer
32 9,213,263 Flexible developer accommodating container with unsealable openings
33 9,213,262 Developer supply container and developer supplying system
34 9,213,259 Developing device and image forming apparatus
35 9,213,258 Developing assembly, process cartridge, and image-forming apparatus
36 9,213,257 Small-sized developing device and process cartridge having stable developer regulation
37 9,213,253 Image forming apparatus having image carrier and belt member
38 9,213,251 Magnetic toner
39 9,213,250 Toner
40 9,213,231 Reflective original, exposure method, and device manufacturing method
41 9,213,170 Lens barrel and optical apparatus
42 9,212,088 Method for manufacturing optical member
43 9,212,018 Sheet processing apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus, and storage medium
44 9,212,004 Belt transporting device and image forming apparatus
45 9,211,748 Printing apparatus and calibration method
46 9,211,731 Print control device, print control method, and storage medium
47 9,211,722 Recording apparatus
48 9,211,719 Ink tank
49 9,211,715 Liquid ejection head and process for producing liquid ejection head
50 9,211,707 Method for manufacturing inkjet recording head
51 9,211,694 Image forming apparatus, print control method and storage medium storing program
52 9,211,068 Object information acquiring apparatus and object information acquiring method
53 9,211,063 Compensation optical apparatus and image sensing apparatus
54 9,211,062 Optical coherence tomographic imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same