Canon patents granted on 15 June 2010

51 US patents granted on 15 June 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,739,616 File content display device, file content display method, and computer program therefore
2 7,739,593 Information processing apparatus and method for handling forms
3 7,739,523 Display system, access point of display system, and power control method
4 7,739,373 Detecting whether a connection between apparatuses includes a predetermined transmission medium
5 7,739,111 Pattern matching method and apparatus and speech information retrieval system
6 7,738,823 Image forming apparatus for realizing downsizing of a main body of the apparatus
7 7,738,818 Developer supply container
8 7,738,817 Developer supply container and image forming apparatus
9 7,738,769 Method and apparatus for processing video data containing a plurality of video tracks
10 7,738,735 Image processing apparatus for resizing of images, image processing method for resizing images, program, and storage medium
11 7,738,732 Image processing apparatus, and control method and program of the same
12 7,738,720 Image distribution apparatus, communication terminal apparatus, and control method thereof
13 7,738,715 Image distribution apparatus, communication terminal apparatus, and control method thereof
14 7,738,702 Image processing apparatus and image processing method capable of executing high-performance processing without transmitting a large amount of image data to outside of the image processing apparatus during the processing
15 7,738,700 Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
16 7,738,696 Image processing apparatus and method for extracting a document area
17 7,738,338 Optical information reproducing method
18 7,738,232 Alignment apparatus
19 7,738,183 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
20 7,738,182 Image pickup optical system and image pickup apparatus including the same
21 7,738,143 Copy-forgery-inhibited pattern or stamp image combined with image data based on user actions
22 7,738,131 Control apparatus and its method, and control program and storage medium holding it
23 7,738,130 Internet facsimile apparatus and method of controlling internet facsimile communication using the apparatus
24 7,738,114 Exposure apparatus configured to minimize effects of mechanism for measuring stage position on peripheral mechanism and device-manufacturing method
25 7,738,080 Stage apparatus, method for controlling the same, exposure apparatus, and method for manufacturing device
26 7,738,076 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
27 7,738,030 Image processing apparatus for print process of photographed image
28 7,738,024 Image processing method, imaging apparatus, and storage medium storing control program of image processing method executable by computer
29 7,738,005 Image forming apparatus
30 7,737,617 Image formation apparatus having getters spacers and wires
31 7,737,616 Electron-emitting device, electron source, image display apparatus and television apparatus
32 7,737,519 Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method thereof
33 7,737,464 Organic light emitting apparatus
34 7,737,438 Field-effect transistor and method for manufacturing the same
35 7,737,419 Alignment apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
36 7,737,402 Distance adjusting apparatus and method, and object examining apparatus and method
37 7,737,270 Method for producing a pigment
38 7,737,084 Image fading preventing agent, image forming element, recording medium, image forming method and image
39 7,736,758 Light emitting device having dopants in a light emitting layer
40 7,736,433 BaTiO.sub.3–PbTiO.sub.3 series single crystal and method of manufacturing the same, piezoelectric type actuator and liquid discharge head using such piezoelectric type actuator
41 7,736,073 Image-capturing apparatus, lens apparatus, image-capturing system, method for controlling image-capturing apparatus, and method for controlling lens apparatus
42 7,736,001 Focusing unit and ophthalmic photographing apparatus
43 7,735,991 Recording apparatus
44 7,735,984 Liquid container
45 7,735,973 Liquid discharge head and method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
46 7,735,962 Ink jet print head
47 7,735,961 Liquid discharge head and method of producing the same
48 7,735,958 Ink jet recording apparatus
49 7,735,957 Suction recovery method of ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing apparatus
50 7,735,949 Printing position adjusting method and printing system
51 7,735,946 Apparatus and method for ink jet printing