Canon patents granted on 15 March 2011

72 US patents granted on 15 March 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 7,908,664 Data delivery apparatus and data delivery method
2 7,908,642 Policy store
3 7,908,620 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, broadcast system, storage medium, and computer program
4 7,908,609 Information processing apparatus with device driver installation control
5 7,908,345 Method and device for access to a digital document in a communication network of the station to station type
6 7,908,319 Information display apparatus and information display method
7 7,907,887 Image forming system, control method, recording medium, and program
8 7,907,882 Image heating apparatus
9 7,907,866 Color electrophotographic image forming carrying process cartridges on a movable member movable in a direction crossing a longitudinal direction of a photosensitive drum of the cartridges
10 7,907,862 Image forming apparatus, image forming method, program, and storage medium
11 7,907,861 Image heating apparatus for heating an image on a recording material to different temperatures in different modes
12 7,907,855 Image forming apparatus
13 7,907,837 Image blur correction apparatus
14 7,907,834 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
15 7,907,795 Two-dimensional measurement system
16 7,907,566 System and information processing method and apparatus
17 7,907,515 Network interface switching in multi-interface apparatus
18 7,907,485 Recording device
19 7,907,358 Holding apparatus and exposure apparatus
20 7,907,357 Method of fixing optical member and optical unit
21 7,907,355 Zoom lens system and camera including the same
22 7,907,326 Reflecting apparatus
23 7,907,321 Light-amount adjusting apparatus, optical apparatus, and method for manufacturing the light-amount adjusting apparatus
24 7,907,313 Management of multiple printer drivers
25 7,907,312 Locking mechanism on hinge fixture of vertically set image reading apparatus
26 7,907,308 Image processing system detecting print job log information embedded as a digital watermark and computing reliablity thereof
27 7,907,304 Image recording apparatus, image recording method and program therefor
28 7,907,301 Information processing apparatus having printer driver and sheet parameter setting method for printer driver
29 7,907,300 Image processing apparatus and control method of the same
30 7,907,297 Image capture apparatus capable of communicating wirelessly and reducing power consumption, and method for controlling the same
31 7,907,296 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system, and storage medium for storing information processing program
32 7,907,295 Image processing apparatus, control method thereof and control program thereof
33 7,907,291 Image supply device and control method of the same and printing system
34 7,907,287 Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method in which a correction unit corrects a value measured by a selected measuring device
35 7,907,263 Apparatuses and methods using measurement of a flare generated in an optical system
36 7,907,256 Stage apparatus, exposure apparatus, and method for manufacturing device
37 7,907,251 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
38 7,907,220 Television broadcasting system
39 7,907,206 Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor
40 7,907,205 Optical apparatus with unit for correcting blur of captured image caused by displacement of optical apparatus in optical-axis direction
41 7,907,204 Image reproducing apparatus and method
42 7,907,196 Image sensing apparatus and imaging system
43 7,907,193 Image capturing apparatus
44 7,907,189 Imaging apparatus having a lens device for a zooming control operation and the method of using the same
45 7,907,182 Image data reduction apparatus and method, program, storage medium, and image sensing apparatus
46 7,907,180 Shooting system, access control apparatus, monitoring apparatus, control method, and storage medium for processing an image shot by an image sensing apparatus to restrict display
47 7,907,176 Image pickup system, method for controlling shooting direction of image pickup device, and program therefor
48 7,907,175 Tracking image pickup device having a rough rotation and a fine rotation part
49 7,907,071 Data conversion apparatus and control method thereof
50 7,907,024 Resonant tunneling diode oscillation device and inspection apparatus
51 7,906,998 Charge pumping circuit and clock generator
52 7,906,889 Metal oxide, piezoelectric material and piezoelectric element
53 7,906,803 Nano-wire capacitor and circuit device therewith
54 7,906,780 Field effect transistor
55 7,906,764 Measuring apparatus using terahertz wave
56 7,906,755 Photoelectric conversion apparatus having a plurality of pixels and an amplifier portion and an image pickup system using the apparatus
57 7,906,733 Electronic circuit device
58 7,906,572 Resin composition and molded article
59 7,906,409 Device manufacturing method
60 7,906,380 Electric device having nanowires, manufacturing method thereof, and electric device assembly
61 7,906,367 Method of forming fine particle pattern, and method of producing a device
62 7,906,319 Systems and methods for monitoring the amplification and dissociation behavior of DNA molecules
63 7,906,286 Probe set, probe carrier, and method for determining and identifying fungus
64 7,906,266 Magnetic toner
65 7,906,262 Two-component developer, replenishing developer, and image-forming method
66 7,906,245 Fuel cell cartridge and electric apparatus having built-in fuel cell
67 7,905,598 Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus
68 7,905,577 Printhead substrate having electrothermal transducers arranged at high density, printhead, and printing apparatus
69 7,905,565 Recording apparatus and method for detecting the position of an ink container
70 7,905,484 Sheet feeding apparatus
71 7,905,482 Recording apparatus
72 7,905,403 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus