Canon patents granted on 15 March 2016

80 US patents granted on 15 March 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,288,833 Communication apparatus and control method thereof
2 9,288,740 Communication apparatus, control method for the same, communication system, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
3 9,288,677 Communication system, communication apparatus and method for setting communication parameters of the apparatus
4 9,288,478 Image pickup apparatus that determines shooting composition, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
5 9,288,456 Image processing apparatus and method
6 9,288,455 Information processing apparatus, control method of information processing apparatus, and storage medium for determining whether a projection pattern of a current frame differs from that of a previous frame
7 9,288,451 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
8 9,288,429 Recording apparatus, its control method and program, and imaging apparatus having the recording apparatus
9 9,288,415 Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system
10 9,288,412 Image pickup apparatus, method for driving image pickup apparatus, image pickup system
11 9,288,409 Image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, and method for controlling image pickup apparatus
12 9,288,391 Image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, and method of controlling image pickup apparatus
13 9,288,378 Autofocus apparatus
14 9,288,370 Imaging apparatus and audio processing apparatus
15 9,288,365 System and method for controlling access to a server on an image processing device
16 9,288,355 Electronic device and method for printing based on information written by an external device in a power-off state
17 9,288,354 Image forming apparatus, and control method for image forming apparatus
18 9,288,353 System and method for resetting a counter associated with a component of an image processing device
19 9,288,352 Printing apparatus that prints an image on an envelope
20 9,288,346 Image processing apparatus for reading and processing a document image and control method thereof
21 9,288,345 Data processing apparatus and method for processing data
22 9,288,343 Processing apparatus, charging method, and storage medium storing program
23 9,288,339 Data generation apparatus, data generation method, and computer-readable medium for assigning a thumb index for pages of a book
24 9,287,805 Vibration-type actuator and imaging apparatus
25 9,287,621 Multi-band antenna
26 9,287,454 Nitride semiconductor light-emitting device with a layer containing In and Mg and method for producing the same
27 9,287,318 Solid-state imaging sensor, method of manufacturing the same, and camera
28 9,287,099 Ionization method, mass spectrometry method, extraction method, and purification method
29 9,286,836 Image processing method, image output apparatus, and display apparatus
30 9,286,818 Calibration apparatus and method for controlling the same
31 9,286,307 Document management apparatus improved in efficiency of deletion of files, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
32 9,286,306 Document image management device and document image management method
33 9,286,117 Image forming device including the delay of startup of non-priority tasks for a predetermined time after the startup of priority tasks are completed
34 9,286,078 Data processing apparatus having a parallel processing circuit including a plurality of processing modules, and method for controlling the same
35 9,286,070 Control apparatus
36 9,286,009 Printing apparatus capable of performing direct wireless communication, method for controlling printing apparatus, and storage medium
37 9,285,919 Information processing device, control method, and storage medium
38 9,285,866 Information processing apparatus with power shutoff switch and control method therefor for reducing power consumption in an image forming apparatus
39 9,285,850 Information processing apparatus that validates added hardware, control method therefor and storage medium
40 9,285,765 Developer supply cartridge with shutter portion for opening and closing a supply opening
41 9,285,756 Regulating device, image bearing member cleaning device, developing device, cleaning device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
42 9,285,749 Image forming apparatus which receives an instruction to take out sheets stored in a storage portion
43 9,285,747 Image forming apparatus, control method, and storage medium
44 9,285,745 Image forming apparatus for outputting a print job into a plurality of trays
45 9,285,743 Image forming apparatus
46 9,285,742 Image forming apparatus to adjust the amount of light exposed by an exposure unit
47 9,285,739 Printing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
48 9,285,729 Image forming apparatus including temperature detection processing of a fixing member
49 9,285,727 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
50 9,285,726 Image forming apparatus with recording material separation feature
51 9,285,725 Image forming apparatus with simplex and duplex operations and cleaning mode
52 9,285,719 Image forming apparatus
53 9,285,712 Developing device and process cartridge for suppressing toner leakage
54 9,285,707 Developer accommodating unit with a urging member for urging a flexible member
55 9,285,704 Image forming apparatus operable in mode that restricts toner supply
56 9,285,697 Toner
57 9,285,691 Exposure apparatus and method for manufacturing article
58 9,285,688 Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
59 9,285,675 Imprint apparatus
60 9,285,659 Optical accessory adapter
61 9,285,518 Diffractive optical element, optical system, and optical apparatus
62 9,285,510 Optical element array and solid-state imaging device including the array
63 9,285,245 Absolute encoder
64 9,284,328 Organic compound
65 9,284,142 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system
66 9,284,141 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
67 9,284,138 Sheet feeding apparatus, image reading device and image forming apparatus
68 9,283,796 Sheet processing apparatus, control method of sheet processing apparatus, and storage medium
69 9,283,761 Ink-jet recording head, recording element substrate, method for manufacturing ink-jet recording head, and method for manufacturing recording element substrate
70 9,283,760 Liquid discharge head and method of producing the same
71 9,283,755 Liquid ejection head
72 9,283,754 Recording apparatus
73 9,283,749 Liquid ejecting method, liquid ejecting device, and liquid ejecting system
74 9,283,748 Printhead and printing apparatus
75 9,283,720 Position detection apparatus, imprint apparatus, and position detection method
76 9,283,719 Optical component and method of making the same
77 9,283,563 Systems and methods for real-time PCR
78 9,283,306 Photoacoustic matching material and human tissue simulation material
79 9,282,940 Mobile X-ray imaging apparatus
80 9,282,889 Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus and camera for use in ophthalmologic photographing