Canon patents granted on 15 May 2012

75 US patents granted on 15 May 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,181,256 Data transmission apparatus, control method therefor, and image input/output apparatus
2 8,181,228 Network constructing method and communication apparatus
3 8,181,108 Device for editing metadata of divided object
4 8,181,077 Methods and devices for the dynamic management of transmission errors by network points of interconnections
5 8,181,026 Method and apparatus for input of coded image data
6 8,180,993 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
7 8,180,934 Device monitoring apparatus, control method therefor, device monitoring system, and recording medium
8 8,180,572 High-resolution melting analysis
9 8,180,473 Exposure system, method of testing exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
10 8,180,265 Image forming apparatus
11 8,180,262 Process cartridge, developer supply cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
12 8,180,260 Image forming apparatus comprising a vibration applying member
13 8,180,259 Developer supply container and developer supplying system
14 8,180,256 Image forming apparatus featuring first and second brushes for charging residual toner
15 8,180,251 Cover and cartridge
16 8,180,247 Image forming apparatus for transferring transfer residual toner onto image bearing member
17 8,180,243 Image forming system and maintenance execution program
18 8,180,236 Image forming apparatus
19 8,180,235 Image forming apparatus
20 8,180,234 Image forming apparatus with control causing issuance of predetermined information based on sheet information
21 8,180,229 Apparatus and method of controlling interchange between component parts in the apparatus
22 8,180,179 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program executing image processing method, and storage medium
23 8,180,149 Image processing apparatus and method
24 8,180,106 Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method
25 8,180,031 Data communication apparatus and data communication method
26 8,179,973 Image coding apparatus and method
27 8,179,959 Picture control device and method of the same
28 8,179,932 Pulse laser apparatus, terahertz measuring apparatus, and terahertz tomographic apparatus
29 8,179,617 Photographic lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
30 8,179,612 Retractable lens barrel unit
31 8,179,609 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
32 8,179,608 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
33 8,179,603 Optical element and optical system having the same
34 8,179,602 Optical apparatus with image stabilizing system
35 8,179,571 Apparatus, method and program for processing an image
36 8,179,567 Color conversion apparatus and color conversion method
37 8,179,561 Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
38 8,179,560 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
39 8,179,558 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program and storage medium constructed to generate print data including a bitmap image and attribute data of each pixel of the bitmap image
40 8,179,553 Facsimile apparatus, its control method, program and storage medium
41 8,179,551 Print control apparatus, print controlling method and medium
42 8,179,550 Management apparatus for transmitting data to a virtual device and method
43 8,179,547 Code information printing apparatus, printing method, restoration apparatus, and restoration method
44 8,179,546 Printing using a portable communication apparatus
45 8,179,540 Image forming apparatus and management system utilizing counter and job log information for usage tracking
46 8,179,538 Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus and control method
47 8,179,537 Image forming apparatus, printing-mode setting method, and printer driver
48 8,179,520 Optical element, projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
49 8,179,518 Exposure apparatus to correct position between reticle and substrate according to propagation time and shifting rate
50 8,179,469 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and photoelectric conversion system having the apparatus
51 8,179,459 Imaging apparatus and processing method thereof
52 8,179,451 Image sensing apparatus
53 8,179,444 Information processing apparatus for performing print setting of image data
54 8,179,406 Control apparatus and method for image display
55 8,179,402 Generating colorimetric profiles from spectral data and user input
56 8,179,384 Image display device and method for displaying an image on the basis of a plurality of image signals
57 8,179,343 Display apparatus and driving method of display apparatus
58 8,178,934 Dielectric film with hafnium aluminum oxynitride film
59 8,178,275 Method for producing polymerized toner, polymerized toner, method for producing binder resin for toner and binder resin for toner
60 8,178,271 Polymer having a sulfonic group or a sulfonate group and an amide group and method of producing same
61 8,178,056 Biochemical reaction cartridge and biochemical treatment equipment system
62 8,178,026 Nanoimprinting method and mold for use in nanoimprinting
63 8,177,988 Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
64 8,177,987 Method for producing electron-emitting device and method for producing image display apparatus including the same
65 8,177,902 Method for producing liquid composition and pigment particles and ink composition for ink jet recording
66 8,177,598 Display manufacturing method
67 8,177,351 Method for producing record product, and intermediate transfer body and image recording apparatus used therefor
68 8,177,333 Element board for printhead, and printhead having the same
69 8,177,330 Liquid discharge head, ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
70 8,177,329 Ink jet print head
71 8,177,328 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
72 8,177,322 Printing apparatus and printing method
73 8,177,222 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
74 8,176,780 Angular velocity sensor
75 8,176,632 Regenerated elastic roller manufacturing process, regenerated elastic roller, electrophotographic process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus