Canon patents granted on 15 September 2009

55 US patents granted on 15 September 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 7,590,946 Display apparatus and display methods for scrolling item lists
2 7,590,857 Secure data processing for image forming apparatus
3 7,590,851 Confirmation method of software and apparatus for executing software
4 7,590,814 Data recording device and access control method using password authentication
5 7,590,769 Data communication apparatus and transmission reservation managing method
6 7,590,682 Program-implementable image processing apparatus, control method for image processing apparatus, control program for realizing control method, and memory medium
7 7,590,605 Lattice matching
8 7,590,560 Information providing apparatus which performs data processing in accordance with order from user
9 7,590,559 Information providing system for processing data in accordance with order
10 7,590,380 Bookbinding apparatus and bookbinding method
11 7,590,375 Image-forming apparatus having movable tensioner and electrode member that reduce toner scatter
12 7,590,366 Image heating apparatus and glossiness increasing apparatus
13 7,590,364 Image forming apparatus with irradiated light control based on reflected light amounts
14 7,590,363 Image forming apparatus and control method
15 7,590,362 Image forming apparatus for communicating with sheet processing apparatus for executing post-process to sheet
16 7,590,361 Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
17 7,590,327 Waveguide and light emitting device having the same
18 7,590,296 Image coding apparatus and method in which a loop filter performs a filtering process on each image block of an image
19 7,590,290 Fail safe image processing apparatus
20 7,590,280 Position detection apparatus and exposure apparatus
21 7,590,133 Data communication system, data communication method, and data communication apparatus
22 7,589,911 Technique for positioning optical system element
23 7,589,908 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
24 7,589,906 Zoom lens system and an image pickup apparatus including the same
25 7,589,905 Optical system and optical apparatus including the same
26 7,589,874 Color processing method and apparatus thereof
27 7,589,862 Information processing apparatus and method for processing information for density correction
28 7,589,859 Print apparatus, print control method, storage medium storing computer-readable program, and program
29 7,589,853 Image forming system, and information processing apparatus and method
30 7,589,852 Image capture apparatus and control method
31 7,589,848 Apparatus for controlling image processing and a method for controlling image processing
32 7,589,774 Image pickup apparatus having non-destructively readable image pickup means for picking up an object image
33 7,589,768 Image-taking apparatus and focus control method of image-taking apparatus with first and second control method in first zoom state and only second control method in second zoom state
34 7,589,765 Image processing apparatus, method, and computer program
35 7,589,753 Printer and controlling method for printer
36 7,589,747 Mixed reality space image generation method and mixed reality system
37 7,589,745 Image signal processing circuit and image display apparatus
38 7,589,715 Coordinate input apparatus, control method thereof, and program
39 7,589,300 Image heating apparatus
40 7,589,156 Polyhydroxyalkanoic acid having ester, carboxyl or sulfonic acid group, and producing method therefor
41 7,588,959 Organic field effect transistor and method for producing the same
42 7,588,799 Metal film production apparatus
43 7,588,639 Liquid applying apparatus and ink jet printing apparatus
44 7,588,382 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
45 7,588,337 Optical system and image projection apparatus
46 7,588,328 Ink jet recording cartridge having commonly useable components
47 7,588,326 Inkjet recording apparatus
48 7,588,317 Printing apparatus, printhead, and driving method therefor
49 7,588,311 Discharging apparatus and removing method
50 7,588,306 Ink jet printing method and apparatus
51 7,588,304 Liquid discharge head substrate, liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge apparatus
52 7,588,248 Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus
53 7,588,243 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
54 7,588,241 Sheet processing apparatus, sheet processing method, image forming apparatus, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
55 7,587,989 Plasma processing method and apparatus