Canon patents granted on 16 April 2013

71 US patents granted on 16 April 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 RE44,152 Recording-material type determination apparatus and method and image forming apparatus
2 8,424,097 Information processing method and apparatus thereof
3 8,424,063 Workflow management apparatus and workflow management method
4 8,424,056 Workflow system and object generating apparatus
5 8,423,916 Information processing apparatus, processing method thereof, and computer-readable storage medium
6 8,423,890 Layout editing apparatus and control method thereof and computer-readable storage medium
7 8,423,887 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
8 8,423,877 Method for determining a copy to be decoded and an associated erasures vector, corresponding storage means and receiver device
9 8,423,793 Data processing device, data management method, storage medium of storing computer-readable program, and program
10 8,422,937 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
11 8,422,914 Developing cartridge
12 8,422,909 Developing apparatus
13 8,422,894 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program for controlling calibration
14 8,422,880 Filter adapter
15 8,422,819 Image processing apparatus having a noise reduction technique
16 8,422,791 Detection of abandoned and vanished objects
17 8,422,785 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
18 8,422,774 Image processing method, image processing apparatus and program storage medium
19 8,422,732 Information processing apparatus, verification apparatus, and methods of controlling the same
20 8,422,690 Audio reproduction apparatus and control method for the same
21 8,422,637 Multi X-ray generating apparatus and X-ray imaging apparatus
22 8,422,623 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
23 8,422,389 Method and device for the allocation of released bandwidth in a communications network, corresponding storage means
24 8,422,144 Imaging apparatus
25 8,422,141 Optical element and optical apparatus
26 8,422,129 Apparatus for moving optical elements via plurality of balls
27 8,422,097 Apparatus and method for image processing and processing program
28 8,422,080 Image processing apparatus and image processing method in which composite tone pixel data is provided based on tone pixel data generated by error diffusion processing and dither processing
29 8,422,079 Image forming apparatus and image correction method for correcting scan-line position error with error diffusion
30 8,422,075 Information updating apparatus, image history inspection apparatus, information updating method, and storage medium
31 8,422,073 Image forming apparatus
32 8,422,072 Image forming system and a sheet processing apparatus thereof that communicates configuration information to an image forming apparatus thereof
33 8,422,064 Image-reading method and apparatus
34 8,422,061 Apparatus and method to execute print jobs
35 8,422,059 Information processing apparatus and control method therefor
36 8,422,057 Apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
37 8,422,054 Remote copy system, image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
38 8,422,051 Device, control method thereof, computer program, and storage medium for differentially processing search requests
39 8,422,050 Image forming apparatus with a plurality of modules receiving a common trigger signal
40 8,422,048 Image forming apparatus and method
41 8,422,046 Print setting based reprinting
42 8,422,041 Image processing apparatus, method, and program for converting postscript data with variable print data into a PDF format considering an attribute of plural drawing objects
43 8,422,039 Image forming apparatus for printing an object and information processing method therefor
44 8,422,025 Optical encoder for obtaining displacement information of object
45 8,422,012 Spectrometer and image forming apparatus having the same
46 8,421,920 Automatic quantization clock phase adjustable display apparatus
47 8,421,917 Image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
48 8,421,904 Lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus
49 8,421,902 Display processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
50 8,421,897 Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor
51 8,421,894 Solid-state image pickup device and control method thereof, and camera
52 8,421,889 Image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, and method of the image pickup apparatus having pixel array for outputting an analog signal
53 8,421,835 Exposure device capable of stabilizing density of image formed by multiple exposure and image forming apparatus equipped with the exposure device
54 8,421,817 Color processing apparatus and method thereof
55 8,421,653 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
56 8,421,382 Apparatus motor control method
57 8,421,304 Actuator and actuator structure
58 8,421,023 Imaging apparatus, control method thereof, and program
59 8,420,769 Polyester resin, method of producing the same, composition for molded article and molded article
60 8,420,501 Transfer method of functional region, LED array, LED printer head, and LED printer
61 8,420,003 Method of manufacturing a belt member and the belt member
62 8,419,187 Adaptive optics apparatus that corrects aberration of examination object and image taking apparatus including adaptive optics apparatus
63 8,419,173 Ink cartridge, ink jet recording system and ink jet recording apparatus
64 8,419,168 Liquid ejection head and manufacturing method therefor
65 8,419,167 Liquid discharge head and liquid discharge apparatus
66 8,419,166 Liquid discharge recording head
67 8,419,155 Printing apparatus
68 8,419,153 Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
69 8,419,152 Recording apparatus
70 8,419,008 Image forming apparatus
71 8,418,516 Manufacturing method for optical element