Canon patents granted on 16 August 2011

35 US patents granted on 16 August 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 8,001,176 Web service with multiple listening endpoints
2 8,000,965 Information-processing device and method that attains speech-recognition to recognize data input via speech
3 8,000,633 Charging member, charging device, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
4 8,000,630 Developing cartridge, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
5 8,000,618 Image formation device and image formation method
6 8,000,616 Image forming apparatus
7 8,000,614 Developer supply container and developer supply system
8 8,000,591 Automatic focusing apparatus
9 8,000,472 Information encryption apparatus and controlling method of the same, computer program and computer readable storage medium
10 8,000,369 Surface emitting laser array, production process thereof, and image forming apparatus having surface emitting laser array
11 8,000,026 Optical system and optical apparatus having the same
12 7,999,973 Image processing apparatus and a control method for forming forgery-inhibited pattern images
13 7,999,972 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and storage medium
14 7,999,963 Print processing system and method for sequentially performing first processing and second processing using a first device and a second device
15 7,999,962 Image-reading method and apparatus
16 7,999,961 Information processing apparatus, distributed printing controlling method, storing medium and program
17 7,999,960 Printing system, printing system control method, program and storage medium
18 7,999,958 Printing system, job processing method, and storage medium
19 7,999,919 Substrate holding technique
20 7,999,874 Image-pickup apparatus and focus controlling method
21 7,999,866 Imaging apparatus and processing method thereof
22 7,999,864 Imaging apparatus and its control method for setting suitable clipping level
23 7,999,853 Moving image reproducing apparatus and processing method therefor
24 7,999,822 Color processing apparatus and method thereof
25 7,999,461 Organic electroluminescent device with SiN layer containing hydrogen and fluorine
26 7,999,441 Piezoelectric actuator and liquid discharge head using the same
27 7,998,675 Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method for detecting DNA of Arthroderma incurvatum
28 7,998,597 Organic light emitting device
29 7,998,555 Beam, ink jet recording head having beams, and method for manufacturing ink jet recording head having beams
30 7,998,362 Piezoelectric substance, piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head using piezoelectric element, liquid discharge apparatus, and production method of piezoelectric element
31 7,998,333 Method of manufacturing a magnetic recoding medium
32 7,997,717 Image forming method, image forming apparatus, intermediate transfer body, and method of modifying surface of intermediate transfer body
33 7,997,691 Ink jet print head
34 7,997,681 Ink jet printing apparatus
35 7,997,678 Inkjet recording apparatus and method for recording an image