Canon patents granted on 16 August 2016

88 US patents granted on 16 August 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,420,316 Control apparatus, reproduction control method, and recording medium
2 9,420,303 Method and apparatus for displacement vector component transformation in video coding and decoding
3 9,420,261 Image capturing apparatus, method of controlling the same and program
4 9,420,239 Apparatus for playing back recorded video images related to event, and method thereof
5 9,420,225 Communication of video information
6 9,420,223 Image recording device that records moving image, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
7 9,420,211 Imaging system
8 9,420,208 Driving method for image pickup apparatus and driving method for image pickup system
9 9,420,206 Image-pickup apparatus and method of detecting defective pixel thereof
10 9,420,179 Optical device for performing image blur compensation
11 9,420,168 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
12 9,420,162 Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
13 9,420,156 Imaging control system, control apparatus, control method, and storage medium
14 9,420,135 Sheet reading apparatus
15 9,420,134 Image forming apparatus having a control unit to control and move a read unit
16 9,420,131 Image forming apparatus having electrical unit projecting from top surface
17 9,420,125 Information processing apparatus and control method of the information processing apparatus
18 9,420,123 Information processing apparatus information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium for registering another apparatus
19 9,420,120 Apparatus, control method and program thereof, and external apparatus
20 9,420,119 Method and apparatus for inspecting scanning beam of scanning optical system
21 9,419,599 Semiconductor integrated circuit, apparatus including semiconductor integrated circuit, and method for controlling clock signal in semiconductor integrated circuit
22 9,419,204 Piezoelectric material
23 9,419,038 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system using the same
24 9,419,030 Solid-state image pickup device
25 9,418,630 Image display system, image display apparatus, and control method thereof
26 9,418,624 Image output apparatus, control method for image output apparatus, and program
27 9,418,614 Liquid crystal display apparatus and method for controlling the same
28 9,418,483 Information processing device and method of processing information
29 9,418,440 Image segmenting apparatus and method
30 9,418,435 Three-dimensional measurement method
31 9,418,417 Image processing apparatus, tomography apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
32 9,418,291 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
33 9,418,278 Image analysis method, camera apparatus, control apparatus, control method and storage medium
34 9,417,862 Information processing apparatus, function extension method for information processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
35 9,417,861 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium
36 9,417,719 Input detection device, control method thereof and recording medium
37 9,417,674 Power supply apparatus, power supply method, and storage medium
38 9,417,608 Apparatus and method for generating interference fringe pattern
39 9,417,607 Image forming apparatus
40 9,417,606 Image forming apparatus having control means to reduce an amount of the water vapor produced in a main assembly thereof or detecting unit configured to detect a value relating to an amount of water vapor in the main assembly
41 9,417,605 Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
42 9,417,604 Image forming apparatus
43 9,417,594 Voltage generating apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
44 9,417,593 Image forming apparatus configured to switch between supplying and shutting-off of power to a portion of the image forming apparatus
45 9,417,591 Printing apparatus, method for controlling printing apparatus, and storage medium
46 9,417,580 Image forming apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
47 9,417,579 Image forming apparatus employing technique that reduces amount of coloring material consumed
48 9,417,576 Fixing device
49 9,417,575 Pressure member configured to inhibit wrinkle formation and fixing device
50 9,417,573 Fixing device
51 9,417,570 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
52 9,417,568 Image forming apparatus using stretch member and contact member to maintain potential with a current flowing to intermediate transfer belt
53 9,417,566 Image forming apparatus and system operable in ghost-suppression mode
54 9,417,563 Image forming apparatus
55 9,417,561 Developing device
56 9,417,559 Image forming apparatus
57 9,417,556 Cartridge and image forming apparatus
58 9,417,549 Image forming apparatus
59 9,417,548 Image forming apparatus in which charging current changes corresponding to voltage rise during transfer voltage determination
60 9,417,542 Magnetic toner
61 9,417,540 Toner and two-component developer
62 9,417,507 Electronic apparatus
63 9,417,505 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus with a mechanism for absorbing an external impact
64 9,417,440 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
65 9,417,436 Optical system and image pickup apparatus including the same
66 9,417,429 Image pick-up apparatus
67 9,417,361 Optical element, and optical system and optical apparatus using same
68 9,417,338 Radiation image pickup apparatus, and radiation image pickup system
69 9,417,333 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
70 9,417,179 Acoustic wave acquisition apparatus
71 9,417,102 Absolute encoder, signal processing method, program, driving apparatus, and industrial machine
72 9,417,101 Optical encoder with a scale that has fine and coarse pitch patterns
73 9,417,045 Scale holding device and encoder
74 9,416,293 Recording medium
75 9,416,276 Method for producing contrast agent
76 9,416,022 Method for preparing bismuth iodide article and method for manufacturing radiation detecting element
77 9,415,966 Post-processing apparatus, and image formation apparatus
78 9,415,962 Printing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
79 9,415,960 Printing apparatus and printing method
80 9,415,958 Drawing apparatus
81 9,415,613 Printing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
82 9,415,603 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
83 9,415,602 Ink jet recording apparatus
84 9,415,588 Ink-jet printing apparatus and ink-jet printing method
85 9,415,584 Liquid discharge head substrate, liquid discharge head, and printing apparatus
86 9,415,581 Image recording method
87 9,414,795 Radiation generating apparatus and radiation imaging apparatus
88 9,414,794 Mobile X-ray imaging apparatus