Canon patents granted on 16 December 2008

43 US patents granted on 16 December 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,467,357 Display method and apparatus using table to designate peripherals
2 7,467,184 Method and device for data processing in a communication network
3 7,467,061 Information processing method and apparatus for finding position and orientation of targeted object
4 7,466,957 Image forming unit, a writing unit, and a control unit that controls the image forming unit based on the writing unit
5 7,466,950 Image heating apparatus with related image heating member and heat pipe
6 7,466,944 Developing device for developing images by adhering developer onto electrostatic images
7 7,466,939 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus to which a plurality of process cartridges are detachably mountable by using a moving guide and an opening and closing member
8 7,466,910 Optical device and camera system
9 7,466,899 Image playback apparatus and method
10 7,466,865 Method and device for analyzing video sequences in a communication network
11 7,466,863 Image encoding apparatus and method, computer program, computer-readable storage medium, and image forming apparatus
12 7,466,638 Optical disk recording power adjustment method and optical disk apparatus adapted to operate with the same
13 7,466,560 Multilayered printed circuit board
14 7,466,531 Substrate holding system and exposure apparatus using the same
15 7,466,496 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
16 7,466,450 Image processing apparatus and method
17 7,466,446 Information processing apparatus and method
18 7,466,437 Information processing apparatus for displaying data related to an image forming apparatus, and information processing method therefor
19 7,466,414 Position detection apparatus and method
20 7,466,395 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the apparatus
21 7,466,393 Immersion exposure technique
22 7,466,368 Image projection apparatus and adjusting method used for the same
23 7,466,365 Moving image processing apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
24 7,466,357 Index image creating device
25 7,466,351 Information processing method, apparatus, program and storage medium storing said program for digital image data generated from an image sensing device
26 7,466,348 Imaging apparatus and control method utilizing biometric information
27 7,466,345 Readout apparatus and imaging apparatus
28 7,466,333 Optical scanning apparatus and image-forming apparatus using the same
29 7,466,074 Organic light-emitting device
30 7,466,073 Organic electroluminescent device and display apparatus
31 7,466,003 Solid state image pickup device, camera, and driving method of solid state image pickup device
32 7,465,936 Measuring method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
33 7,465,933 Radiographic imaging substrate, radiographic imaging apparatus, and radiographic imaging system
34 7,465,906 Image heating apparatus
35 7,465,779 Polyhydroxyalkanoate having vinyl group, ester group, carboxyl group and sulfonic acid group, and production method thereof
36 7,465,579 Device and method for introducing particle into cell and device and method for collecting particle from cell
37 7,465,107 Photographing apparatus and control method therefor
38 7,465,044 Ink jet recording apparatus and liquid supply apparatus
39 7,465,021 Liquid-discharging recording head and liquid-discharging recording apparatus having the head
40 7,465,009 Printing apparatus, printing system, and printing start position alignment method
41 7,465,006 Ink jet printing apparatus, ink jet printing method, and preliminary discharge control method
42 7,464,965 Water-based fluorescent ink, recorded image using the same, and judging method
43 7,464,520 Packing method, packing member and manufacturing method therefor