Canon patents granted on 16 December 2014

64 US patents granted on 16 December 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 8,914,806 Information processing apparatus and virtual storage management method, and storage medium for restriction on process swapping based on process attributes and processor utilization
2 8,914,718 Coding a structured document as a bitstream by storing in memory a reference to an entry in a coding dictionary
3 8,914,655 Image forming apparatus and control method
4 8,914,654 Information processing apparatus, network interface apparatus, method of controlling both, and storage medium
5 8,914,591 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling same
6 8,914,558 Peripheral device usable without installing driver in computer beforehand
7 8,914,479 Image-processing system and image-processing method
8 8,913,937 Roller for fixing apparatus, and image heating apparatus having roller for image fixing apparatus
9 8,913,936 Image heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
10 8,913,930 Developing roller, electrophotographic process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
11 8,913,929 Developing device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
12 8,913,920 Cover and cartridge
13 8,913,915 Charging device
14 8,913,909 Image forming apparatus
15 8,913,907 Image forming by using a distribution of heights
16 8,913,906 Image forming apparatus having endless belt tension detection
17 8,913,905 Image forming apparatus that detects transition between patch images
18 8,913,876 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
19 8,913,852 Band-based patch selection with a dynamic grid
20 8,913,849 Apparatus and method for detecting object from image, and program
21 8,913,841 Image processing method for mass spectrum image, program, and apparatus
22 8,913,794 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and medium
23 8,913,788 Apparatus, method and program for determining the smoothness of motion in video data
24 8,913,782 Object detection apparatus and method therefor
25 8,913,309 Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
26 8,913,307 Illumination apparatus and image reading apparatus
27 8,913,303 Image reading apparatus
28 8,913,280 Communication apparatus, method for controlling the same, storage medium, and printing apparatus
29 8,913,279 Information processing apparatus that provides hot folders, information processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
30 8,913,278 Image forming apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
31 8,913,277 Document data management system, management method and program
32 8,913,276 Information processing apparatus and method
33 8,913,271 Information processing apparatus, display control method, and storage medium storing program
34 8,913,268 Printing apparatus, control method for the printing apparatus, and storage medium
35 8,913,265 Image forming apparatus, method for controlling the image forming apparatus, and program
36 8,913,257 Image forming apparatus, method and program of managing the image forming apparatus by reserving area for identified counter
37 8,913,251 Estimating material properties using speckle statistics
38 8,913,230 Chucking system with recessed support feature
39 8,913,200 Encoding apparatus, encoding method, and program
40 8,913,191 Communication apparatus and control method
41 8,913,190 Method and apparatus for regenerating a pixel clock signal
42 8,913,183 Video projector and associated data transmission
43 8,913,177 Focus adjustment apparatus having a sensor with a plurality of modes
44 8,913,175 Solid-state image sensing element and image sensing apparatus for detecting a focus state of a photographing lens
45 8,913,168 Solid-state image sensor and image sensing apparatus
46 8,913,167 Image pickup apparatus and method of driving the same
47 8,913,166 Solid-state imaging apparatus
48 8,913,161 Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
49 8,913,159 Recording apparatus for storing a data file of image data according to a predetermined file name
50 8,913,154 Image processing apparatus
51 8,913,148 Information supplying apparatus, lens apparatus, camera apparatus and image pickup system
52 8,913,075 Image display apparatus, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing method
53 8,913,014 Information processing apparatus and method of controlling same
54 8,912,929 Correction value derivation apparatus, displacement amount derivation apparatus, control apparatus, and correction value derivation method
55 8,912,885 Personal authentication apparatus and personal authentication method
56 8,912,706 Oscillatory wave motor capable of decreasing degradation of performance
57 8,912,697 Vacuum actuator including a stator forming a part of a vacuum partition wall
58 8,912,578 Solid-state image pickup device and image pickup system
59 8,912,034 Method for manufacturing energy ray detection device
60 8,911,167 Sheet cutting device and printer
61 8,911,091 Ophthalmologic apparatus having corneal thickness correction
62 8,911,071 Ink jet ink, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording method
63 8,911,048 Image processor and image processing method having correcting unit performing correction based on correction parameters
64 8,910,550 Printer