Canon patents granted on 16 February 2016

92 US patents granted on 16 February 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,265,117 Light source apparatus and method for controlling same
2 9,264,841 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system, wireless communication method, X-ray sensor, and program storage medium
3 9,264,735 Image encoding apparatus and method for allowing motion vector detection
4 9,264,698 Lenticular lens, image generation apparatus, and image generation method
5 9,264,685 Image capture apparatus
6 9,264,642 Imaging device, imaging system, and method for driving imaging device for generating and converting signals based on photoelectric and noise
7 9,264,641 Photoelectric conversion apparatus
8 9,264,640 Photoelectric conversion apparatus, method for driving photoelectric conversion apparatus, and imaging system
9 9,264,638 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
10 9,264,616 Image capturing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium for correcting image blurring of a captured image
11 9,264,615 Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
12 9,264,611 Image-pickup apparatus, its control method, and storage medium
13 9,264,606 Processing device, image pickup device and processing method
14 9,264,603 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
15 9,264,602 Optical apparatus that performs manual focus shooting, and focusing method
16 9,264,601 Signal processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system
17 9,264,600 Focus adjustment apparatus and focus adjustment method
18 9,264,593 Image-pickup apparatus
19 9,264,582 Printing apparatus, information processing apparatus, method for controlling printing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium
20 9,264,580 Information processing apparatus configured for acquiring user information using near field wireless communication
21 9,264,576 Communicating apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium storing program
22 9,264,574 Image communication apparatus, control method, and storage medium
23 9,264,565 Image communication apparatus, operating method, and storage medium with power saving mode
24 9,264,389 Information processing apparatus, mailbox management method, and storage medium for performing capacity setting of a mailbox
25 9,264,007 Noise filter and transmission device
26 9,263,972 Vibrator, vibration type driving apparatus and manufacturing method of vibrator
27 9,263,657 Manufacturing method for semiconductor device and semiconductor device
28 9,263,491 Solid-state imaging apparatus, method for manufacturing the same, and camera
29 9,263,487 Photoelectric conversion apparatus
30 9,263,485 Solid-state imaging apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
31 9,263,162 Method for manufacturing microstructure
32 9,263,090 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
33 9,262,968 Image display apparatus and control method thereof
34 9,262,848 Method for stroking paths
35 9,262,813 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
36 9,262,714 Frequent pattern extraction apparatus frequent pattern extraction method and program
37 9,262,706 Image forming apparatus that controls jetting of toner, image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
38 9,262,705 Processing and printing apparatus, and processing method for suppressing bronzing in a printed image
39 9,262,672 Pattern recognition apparatus and pattern recognition method that reduce effects on recognition accuracy, and storage medium
40 9,262,443 Classifying materials using texture
41 9,262,417 Document management server and document management method
42 9,262,112 Image processing apparatus having file server function, and control method and storage medium therefor
43 9,262,111 Print control apparatus, print control method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
44 9,262,105 Printing system, control method for information processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable medium for transmitting setting information
45 9,262,102 Image forming systems, and methods of using same
46 9,261,953 Information processing apparatus for displaying virtual object and method thereof
47 9,261,948 Image forming apparatus and control method for executing a proxy in response to a heartbeat
48 9,261,855 Image forming apparatus
49 9,261,854 Frame of apparatus and image forming apparatus
50 9,261,850 Image forming apparatus and collecting container
51 9,261,846 Image forming apparatus including power feeding members configured to hold a circuit board
52 9,261,842 Image forming apparatus, density detecting apparatus, and density detecting method
53 9,261,840 Method of determining process condition of image forming apparatus
54 9,261,839 Image forming system and option device
55 9,261,834 Fixing device having cylindrical rotatable member with electroconductive layer, magnetic member in a hollow portion of the member, and coil wound outside magnetic member
56 9,261,832 Image heating apparatus for heating toner image on sheet
57 9,261,829 Fixing unit, image forming apparatus, and control method thereof
58 9,261,826 Image forming apparatus
59 9,261,825 Image heating apparatus having moving mechanism configured to move a rubbing rotatable member configured to rub a surface of a rotatable member, relative to the rotatable member
60 9,261,823 Belt unit and image forming apparatus
61 9,261,822 Image forming apparatus
62 9,261,821 Image forming apparatus
63 9,261,814 Developer carrying member, developing assembly, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
64 9,261,813 Developing apparatus having aligned regulating member
65 9,261,811 Developer carrying member, developing assembly, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
66 9,261,809 Image forming apparatus
67 9,261,807 Image forming apparatus that forms color image by superimposing plurality of images in different colors
68 9,261,806 Toner
69 9,261,804 Toner
70 9,261,803 Electrophotographic belt and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
71 9,261,802 Lithography apparatus, alignment method, and method of manufacturing article
72 9,261,776 Imprint apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
73 9,261,769 Imaging apparatus and imaging system
74 9,261,691 Image pickup apparatus
75 9,261,681 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
76 9,261,668 Optical device provided with zooming mechanism
77 9,261,483 Acoustic wave detector and acoustic wave measurement apparatus
78 9,261,401 Apparatus configured to generate terahertz wave and apparatus configured to detect terahertz wave
79 9,260,611 Synthesis method for self-dispersible pigment, self-dispersible pigment, ink jet ink, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording method
80 9,260,348 Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, and electronic equipment
81 9,260,273 Sheet conveyance apparatus and image forming apparatus
82 9,260,262 Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
83 9,260,259 Image forming apparatus, sheet feed control method, and storage medium
84 9,259,956 Image forming system, control method, recording medium, and program
85 9,259,937 Printing apparatus
86 9,259,926 Liquid ejection apparatus and liquid ejection head
87 9,259,923 Method of driving liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
88 9,259,921 Ink jet printing apparatus, ink jet printing method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
89 9,259,917 Inkjet recording apparatus and recording position adjustment method
90 9,259,894 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
91 9,259,158 Object information acquiring apparatus
92 9,259,153 Anterior ocular segment tomographic image analysis method and anterior ocular segment tomographic image analysis apparatus