Canon patents granted on 16 July 2013

72 US patents granted on 16 July 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 D686,334 Chip station assembly
2 D686,310 Chip station plate with LED assembly
3 D686,274 Toner supplying cartridge
4 8,490,109 Printing control apparatus, printing control method, and computer-readable storage medium storing computer program
5 8,490,079 Information processing apparatus and installation method
6 8,489,766 Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium, for updating device information corresponding to a device among the device information stored in a storage unit, and for sending a notification for releasing an internet-protocol address assigned to the device to a dynamic-host-configuration-protocol server based on whether received information specifies a specific condition
7 8,489,568 Data acquisition apparatus and data acquisition method
8 8,489,011 Image forming apparatus and image forming system
9 8,489,000 Developing apparatus for an image forming apparatus
10 8,488,997 Image forming apparatus controlling standby positions of developing devices
11 8,488,995 Image forming apparatus
12 8,488,956 Focus adjusting apparatus and focus adjusting method
13 8,488,955 Optical device and control method therefor
14 8,488,944 Broadcast program recording apparatus and control method for the same
15 8,488,905 Image processing method for reproducing one image by overlapping output images by first and second devices having different output modes
16 8,488,893 Image compression apparatus and image compression method
17 8,488,742 X-ray generator, X-ray imaging apparatus, and control methods therefor
18 8,488,681 Image capturing apparatus, control method therefor, program, and storage medium
19 8,488,678 Moving image encoding apparatus and moving image encoding method
20 8,488,643 Photonic-crystal surface emitting laser, laser array using the laser, and image forming apparatus using the laser array
21 8,488,570 Communication method, communication apparatus, and computer program
22 8,488,463 Wireless communication apparatus, method for controlling the same, and program therefor
23 8,488,317 Image pickup apparatus and electronic device
24 8,488,253 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
25 8,488,251 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the zoom lens
26 8,488,226 Optical apparatus
27 8,488,219 Image reading apparatus
28 8,488,218 Document reading apparatus
29 8,488,209 Image reader, and control method and control program for the same
30 8,488,205 Method of embedding a plurality of different two-dimensional codes in an image
31 8,488,198 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
32 8,488,190 Image processing apparatus, image processing apparatus control method, and storage medium storing program
33 8,488,174 Print control apparatus, print control method, and storage medium for configuring output device based on acquired information
34 8,488,171 Rendering system, method for optimizing data, and storage medium
35 8,488,168 Image forming apparatus for printing a plurality of logical pages, image forming apparatus control method, and storage medium
36 8,488,162 Communication apparatus using reconnection request, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
37 8,488,161 Management apparatus and method for setting a schedule for transmitting department counter information from image forming apparatuses
38 8,488,157 Printing system, method, and program for searching, identifying, and displaying information related to non-retrieved print jobs
39 8,488,156 Image processing apparatus and communicating method for dynamically assigning a transmission destination based on the type of job
40 8,488,154 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
41 8,488,151 Image input-output apparatus and method, and job event-recording system
42 8,488,148 Printing system for notifying data processing apparatus of information regarding a location of printing apparatus
43 8,488,147 Monitoring apparatus, image forming apparatus, monitoring system, method of changing network setting, and program
44 8,488,145 Retrieving updated information from a server based on an update file in RSS or ATOM format
45 8,488,140 Image forming apparatus and processing method for the same
46 8,488,131 Scale, displacement detection apparatus provided with the same, and imaging apparatus provided with the same
47 8,488,125 Optical tomography apparatus with timing detection element including optical resonator having variable resonator length
48 8,488,051 Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor
49 8,488,049 Image pickup apparatus, control method thereof, and program
50 8,488,048 Image pickup apparatus for finding in-focus direction based on focus signal and control method for the image pickup apparatus
51 8,488,037 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and photoelectric conversion system having the apparatus
52 8,488,017 Image processing apparatus to transmit moving image data
53 8,488,006 Imaging apparatus capable of detecting motion amount of an object and control method thereof
54 8,488,000 Camera and method for controlling the same
55 8,487,974 Optical scanning apparatus and color image forming apparatus using the same
56 8,487,925 Display apparatus, method and computer readable medium that avoids failure in an automatic adjustment of an effective image area and dot clock
57 8,487,919 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
58 8,487,672 Clock supply apparatus
59 8,487,596 Driving circuitry and an integrated circuit for use therein
60 8,487,512 Oscillatory wave motor
61 8,487,266 X-ray detector and method for manufacturing the same
62 8,487,237 Rotary encoder and method of assembling the same
63 8,486,499 Ink jet recording medium
64 8,486,334 Magnetic sensor
65 8,485,726 X-ray imaging apparatus
66 8,485,650 Method for filling liquid-discharge-head cartridge with liquid, and method and apparatus for manufacturing liquid-discharge-head cartridge
67 8,485,642 Ink tank and ink supply system
68 8,485,630 Recording-medium-conveying device and recording apparatus
69 8,485,629 Printing apparatus, printing method, and data generating apparatus
70 8,485,627 Inkjet recording apparatus and landing-location adjustment method
71 8,485,620 Inkjet printer and bubble reducing method for inkjet printer
72 8,485,525 Sheet-stacking apparatus and image-forming apparatus