Canon patents granted on 16 June 2009

38 US patents granted on 16 June 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 7,549,010 Communication apparatus and method
2 7,548,916 Calculating image similarity using extracted data
3 7,548,841 Method for logic checking to check operation of circuit to be connected to bus
4 7,548,708 Power supply unit in image forming apparatus
5 7,548,703 Image forming apparatus administration system with developer density detection and developer lifetime information communication features
6 7,548,688 Optical apparatus
7 7,548,633 Data processing apparatus and method, data processing program, and storage medium
8 7,548,382 Lens barrel and imaging device
9 7,548,362 Optical deflecting device and image forming apparatus using the same
10 7,548,361 Image forming apparatus
11 7,548,355 Image scanning apparatus and method, and storage medium
12 7,548,351 Image reading device and image forming apparatus
13 7,548,347 Image printing apparatus and image printing method
14 7,548,346 Image processing apparatus and method for performing error diffusion based on density values of different color components
15 7,548,344 Image processing apparatus, and method of controlling the same
16 7,548,334 User interface for creation and editing of variable data documents
17 7,548,333 Data transfer method and image formation system
18 7,548,330 Image processing apparatus and its control method
19 7,548,329 Image formation apparatus, control method of image formation apparatus, storage medium of storing computer-readable program, and program
20 7,548,257 Optical apparatus for correcting vibration using ball-guides and method of resetting thereof
21 7,548,252 Optical scanning apparatus and color image forming apparatus using the same
22 7,548,247 Image editing apparatus and control method for the same, computer program, storage media
23 7,548,077 Measuring apparatus and a measuring method for measuring a polarization characteristic of an optical system
24 7,548,066 Potential measuring device and image forming apparatus using the same
25 7,548,017 Surface conduction electron emitter display
26 7,547,998 Aligning apparatus including an attraction preventing plate provided between permanent magnet and magnetic member
27 7,547,890 Image pick-up apparatus and manufacturing method thereof, radiation image pick-up apparatus, and radiation image pick-up system
28 7,547,871 Photoelectric conversion device
29 7,547,620 Film pattern producing method, and producing method for electronic device, electron-emitting device and electron source substrate utilizing the same
30 7,547,514 Methods for monitoring genomic DNA of organisms
31 7,547,503 Photosensitive silane coupling agent, method of forming pattern, and method of fabricating device
32 7,547,502 Exposure method
33 7,547,240 Method for manufacturing image display device
34 7,547,094 Liquid discharge recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
35 7,547,089 Ink jet recording apparatus
36 7,547,016 Motor control apparatus with controlled input current
37 7,547,011 Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
38 7,547,009 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus