Canon patents granted on 16 March 2010

68 US patents granted on 16 March 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,681,121 Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
2 7,681,120 Document server generating link information for creating a corresponding catalog containing groups of pages
3 7,681,067 Bus system
4 7,681,049 Imaging apparatus
5 7,681,041 Image formation apparatus, data reception method, program for performing data reception method, and storage medium for storing program
6 7,680,896 Obtaining or sending information to a device on a network by a client apparatus
7 7,680,865 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
8 7,680,792 Document management system and document management method
9 7,680,560 Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
10 7,680,438 Image forming apparatus having contactless type temperature sensor
11 7,680,405 Lens operation device and camera system
12 7,680,391 Remote control system for device connected to network
13 7,680,382 Method for fabricating three-dimensional photonic crystal
14 7,680,358 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof, and program
15 7,680,345 Image encoding apparatus and method, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
16 7,680,339 Image processing method and apparatus for edge detection in an image
17 7,680,336 Information processing method and apparatus
18 7,680,279 Image display system
19 7,680,168 Surface emitting laser array, production process thereof, and image forming apparatus having surface emitting laser array
20 7,680,121 Transmission apparatus, method and program
21 7,680,087 Wireless state machine and multiplexing method for concurrent ad-hoc and infrastructure mode service in wireless networking
22 7,680,013 Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
23 7,679,930 Multilayered printed circuit board
24 7,679,840 Optical apparatus
25 7,679,838 Zoom lens and optical apparatus including the same
26 7,679,836 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus equipped with the same
27 7,679,802 Optical scanner configured so a principal ray of an incident beam from a light source to a deflector and a principal ray of a scanning beam from the deflector to a scanned surface travel on opposite sides of an optical axis of optical element(s) having transmissive surfaces both concave toward the deflector in sub-scanning section, and image forming apparatus using the same
28 7,679,795 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
29 7,679,790 Image processing apparatus and its control method
30 7,679,776 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium storing computer-readable program therein
31 7,679,773 Image processing method and apparatus, storage medium, and program
32 7,679,772 Printing apparatus and printing data control method effecting distributed driving of printing elements
33 7,679,769 Data receiving system and data output method therefor, data receiving apparatus, and control program for implementing the data output method
34 7,679,768 Image processing apparatus and method
35 7,679,766 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and system for determining a destination for print data
36 7,679,765 Image processing apparatus, image processing system and image processing method
37 7,679,759 Test printing for tab paper
38 7,679,718 Immersion exposure technique
39 7,679,717 Exposure apparatus
40 7,679,716 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
41 7,679,658 Solid-state image pickup apparatus
42 7,679,657 Image sensing apparatus having electronic zoom function, and control method therefor
43 7,679,645 Image sensing system and its control method
44 7,679,628 Controller and image display device
45 7,679,626 Drive control device for a display apparatus, video image display apparatus and method of controlling the driving of the video image display apparatus
46 7,679,280 Substrate having a light emitter and image display device
47 7,679,279 Image display device having a sealed container with an exhaust pipe
48 7,679,278 Electron-emitting device, electron source and display apparatus using the same device, and manufacturing methods of them
49 7,679,231 Driving device and light amount controller
50 7,679,117 Solid-state image sensing device equipped with inner lens
51 7,679,116 Photoelectric conversion device, method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion device, and image pickup system
52 7,679,114 Image pickup device and camera for converting charges into voltage
53 7,678,862 Electrophoretic particles and production process thereof
54 7,678,536 Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head, liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge recording apparatus
55 7,678,524 Magnetic toner
56 7,678,523 Magnetic toner
57 7,678,319 Mold and molding apparatus using the same
58 7,677,730 Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus
59 7,677,715 Ink jet recording apparatus
60 7,677,700 Liquid discharge head
61 7,677,696 Liquid discharge head
62 7,677,694 Image-forming apparatus and image-forming method
63 7,677,688 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
64 7,677,683 Recording apparatus
65 7,677,558 Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus
66 7,677,557 Sheet discharging apparatus and image forming apparatus
67 7,677,556 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
68 7,677,553 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus