Canon patents granted on 16 October 2007

60 US patents granted on 16 October 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,284,246 Extensible device driver
2 7,284,206 Image processing apparatus, its control method, and storage medium
3 7,284,061 Obtaining temporary exclusive control of a device
4 7,284,040 Information processing apparatus for providing image to communication terminal and control method therefor
5 7,284,038 Negotiating an exchange of image processing functionality
6 7,284,026 Hadamard transformation method and device
7 7,284,013 System for searching device on network
8 7,283,912 DNA probe design device and information processing method for DNA probe design
9 7,283,780 Image heating apparatus using flexible sleeve
10 7,283,778 Image forming apparatus with heating member control based on door opening state and heating member position
11 7,283,776 Image forming apparatus
12 7,283,771 Charging roller
13 7,283,766 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
14 7,283,765 Developing device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus having developing-roller scraping member
15 7,283,763 Fixing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
16 7,283,761 Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus, and storage apparatus
17 7,283,759 Image forming apparatus with heating member control in accordance with type of recording material
18 7,283,756 Image forming apparatus
19 7,283,737 Focus detecting apparatus
20 7,283,643 Determination of a segmentation of a digital signal for inserting watermarking signals and the associated insertion
21 7,283,429 Recording apparatus having playlist editing function
22 7,283,315 Lens apparatus and camera
23 7,283,314 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
24 7,283,305 Solid state image pickup device, method for producing the same, and image pickup system comprising the solid state image pickup device
25 7,283,294 Catadioptric projection optical system, exposure apparatus having the same, device fabrication method
26 7,283,284 Image reading apparatus
27 7,283,273 Image communication apparatus using IP addresses and control method thereof, program, and storage medium
28 7,283,266 Information processing apparatus and print control apparatus, data processing method, storage medium and program
29 7,283,262 Image forming apparatus and power control method
30 7,283,259 Image data recording device, method for controlling image data recording device, and a program for controlling an image data recording system, each using a common key
31 7,283,252 Measuring method and apparatus using interference, exposure method and apparatus using the same, and device fabrication method
32 7,283,199 Exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
33 7,283,177 Method and apparatus for controlling the functions of an image capturing apparatus
34 7,283,169 Timing signal apparatus
35 7,283,163 Image processing apparatus providing noise correction
36 7,283,161 Image-taking apparatus capable of distributing taken images over network
37 7,283,160 Electronic device, control method therefor and storage medium
38 7,283,145 Image heating apparatus and heater therefor
39 7,283,131 Image display apparatus
40 7,283,128 Coordinate input apparatus and control method and program thereof
41 7,283,119 Color electrophoretic display device
42 7,282,874 Alignment apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
43 7,282,852 Electron-emitting device and image forming apparatus
44 7,282,821 Linear motor, stage apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing apparatus
45 7,282,820 Stage device and exposure apparatus
46 7,282,819 Stage apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
47 7,282,719 Image pickup apparatus and radiation image pickup apparatus
48 7,282,699 Optical encoder for improved detection of the absolute position of an origin point
49 7,282,268 Structure, method of manufacturing the same, and device using the same
50 7,282,243 Pattern forming method and method of manufacturing ink jet recording head
51 7,282,190 Silicon layer production method and solar cell production method
52 7,282,132 Zinc oxide film treatment method and method of manufacturing photovoltaic device utilizing the same
53 7,282,090 Ink jet ink, method for producing ink jet ink, ink jet recording method and ink cartridge
54 7,281,964 Method of producing spacer for an electron beam apparatus
55 7,281,870 Ink jet recording apparatus
56 7,281,805 Projection-type display apparatus
57 7,281,790 Ink-jet recording method and ink-jet recording apparatus
58 7,281,780 Printing apparatus and printing method
59 7,281,708 Sheet handling apparatus and image forming apparatus
60 7,281,707 Aftertreatment apparatus, and controlling method, program and storage medium therefor