Canon patents granted on 17 April 2007

29 US patents granted on 17 April 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,206,999 Form processing method, program and apparatus
2 7,206,869 Input/output control apparatus
3 7,206,812 Data communication apparatus and electronic mail data producing method
4 7,206,541 Image heating apparatus with nip portion pressure increasing downstream
5 7,206,534 Process cartridge, developing cartridge and gripping part therefor
6 7,206,531 Image forming apparatus and method using light and dark toners of the same hue
7 7,206,432 Extracting embedded information from digital image data
8 7,206,356 Wireless transmitter with reduced power consumption
9 7,206,135 Image observing apparatus
10 7,206,126 Optical system, and image pick-up apparatus using the same
11 7,206,100 Image processing method and apparatus
12 7,206,095 Printing apparatus and method
13 7,206,094 Image processing method and apparatus, and profile management method
14 7,206,092 Image-forming system, control method therefor, image-forming apparatus, data processing method, and storage medium
15 7,206,091 Network printing device, and method and control program in device thereof
16 7,206,089 Serial communication apparatus and serial communication method
17 7,206,083 Image forming system and controlling method thereof enabling discharge of single output bundle, and computer-readable storage media storing programs for executing the control method
18 7,206,081 Method of setting output conditions of output apparatus, output system, and printing apparatus
19 7,206,060 Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method with a polarizing element and an optical element with low birefringence
20 7,206,019 Apparatus and method for inhibiting control apparatuses from controlling camera when another control apparatus controls camera
21 7,205,987 Image display apparatus and method of driving image display apparatus
22 7,205,568 Solid state image pickup apparatus and radiation image pickup apparatus
23 7,205,547 Radiographic imaging substrate, radiographic imaging apparatus, and radiographic imaging system
24 7,205,523 Solid state image pickup device, method of manufacturing the same, and camera
25 7,205,514 Heating apparatus with movable magnetic flux adjusting means
26 7,205,054 Metal coordination compound, luminescence device and display apparatus
27 7,204,601 Illumination apparatus and image-taking apparatus
28 7,204,572 Ink-jet recording apparatus and control method of said apparatus
29 7,204,124 Sheet material detecting device