Canon patents granted on 17 April 2012

87 US patents granted on 17 April 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,161,383 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
2 8,161,297 Printing system, information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, print management method, and storage medium
3 8,161,208 Processing apparatus, method of processing priority reservation therefor, and storage medium for storing program
4 8,161,198 Uninstalling drivers of a peripheral device
5 8,161,170 System having electronic device with multiple interfaces and host apparatus, information processing device, electronic device, and setup method, control method and program therefor
6 8,161,096 Method of executing service on a network, and flow processing apparatus with document that describes a flow for controlling services on the network
7 8,160,488 Image formation processing system applying adhesive to received sheets in a bundle form
8 8,160,486 Blade for electrophotographic apparatus, and method of producing the same
9 8,160,480 Image forming apparatus having controlled speed differential between image bearing members and intermediate transfer belt
10 8,160,479 Image forming apparatus including corona charger
11 8,160,478 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
12 8,160,477 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
13 8,160,471 Developer supply container
14 8,160,469 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling the information processing apparatus, and storage medium
15 8,160,464 Developing apparatus
16 8,160,437 Focus detection apparatus
17 8,160,425 Storing video data in a video file
18 8,160,399 Image processing method and apparatus
19 8,160,333 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
20 8,160,321 Imaging device, driving method therefor and imaging method
21 8,160,310 Image processing method and apparatus for processing an image by using a face detection result
22 8,160,295 Image-processing device and image-processing method for embedding code patterns in image information
23 8,160,207 Radiation imaging apparatus
24 8,160,131 Apparatus and method for processing image
25 8,159,795 Protection circuit for semiconductor integrated circuit and driving method therefor
26 8,159,758 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having same
27 8,159,747 Diffractive optical element and optical system including the same
28 8,159,746 Optical apparatus with image stabilizing and movable lenses and actuators for shifting and/or moving the lenses
29 8,159,734 Oscillator device, optical deflector and image forming apparatus using the same
30 8,159,730 Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
31 8,159,729 Image reading apparatus and image reading method
32 8,159,724 Image processing apparatus, method, and program for applying security processing relating to a selected image
33 8,159,718 Image processing to determine if pixel in compressed data is chromatic or achromtic based on selection threshold
34 8,159,714 Selecting an image reading apparatus from a plurality displayed in correlation with a preview image acquired by each apparatus
35 8,159,711 Printing system having an information processing apparatus, a printer and a collator
36 8,159,703 Information processing apparatus, and control method therefor, as well as program
37 8,159,700 Printing system and control method thereof, and storage medium therefor
38 8,159,699 Printing apparatus, program, and method for performing copy number printing on document having matching file name and number of printed copy stored
39 8,159,698 Information processing apparatus with code generation and transfer to file to be printed
40 8,159,695 Data processing apparatus, system control method and system
41 8,159,694 Image processor and image processing method processing an image that includes a semi-transparent object or an image with periodically varying density
42 8,159,693 Printing system, printing apparatus, and job control method
43 8,159,691 Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and information output method
44 8,159,686 Image processing job scheduler
45 8,159,652 Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus using thereof and device manufacturing method
46 8,159,603 Image capturing apparatus with frame for sealing between optical member and image sensor
47 8,159,599 Focus detection apparatus, focus detection method, and image sensing apparatus
48 8,159,582 Solid-state imaging apparatus and method of driving the same
49 8,159,581 Photoelectric conversion device and image pickup system using the photoelectric conversion device
50 8,159,578 Imaging system, image sensor, and method of controlling imaging system
51 8,159,577 Solid-state imaging apparatus with decoders for controlling reset switches
52 8,159,573 Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system
53 8,159,570 Image sensing apparatus and control method for the image sensing apparatus
54 8,159,560 Image sensing apparatus having a delete function of image data and control method thereof
55 8,159,556 White balance control image sensing apparatus and method
56 8,159,553 Generating a color characterization model for an input imaging device
57 8,159,545 Image stabilization control apparatus and imaging apparatus
58 8,159,515 Image forming apparatus
59 8,159,513 Image forming apparatus and control method for same
60 8,159,489 Display apparatus and integrated circuit
61 8,159,483 Electrolytic deposition display apparatus and drive method thereof
62 8,159,482 Drive circuit, display apparatus using drive circuit, and evaluation method of drive circuit
63 8,159,422 Light emitting display device with first and second transistor films and capacitor with large capacitance value
64 8,159,185 Battery charger and control method therefor
65 8,159,127 Display apparatus
66 8,159,122 Light-emitting substrate and display apparatus using the same
67 8,159,117 Display apparatus and production method thereof
68 8,159,093 Motor apparatus, manufacturing method, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
69 8,159,010 Solid-state image pick-up device and imaging system using the same
70 8,158,920 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system
71 8,158,918 Imaging apparatus, control method thereof, and computer-readable storage medium storing program
72 8,158,835 Fluorene compound and organic electroluminescence device
73 8,158,746 Active energy ray curable liquid composition and liquid cartridge
74 8,158,350 Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
75 8,158,223 Ink jet recording medium and production process thereof, and fine particle dispersion
76 8,157,458 Focal-plane shutter apparatus and image-pickup apparatus
77 8,157,377 Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus
78 8,157,363 Ink remainder detecting module for ink jet apparatus, ink container with same and ink jet apparatus
79 8,157,358 Liquid ejection head substrate and liquid ejection head
80 8,157,357 Circuit substrate and liquid discharging apparatus with a first wiring layer directly connected to the substrate and a second wiring layer connected to the first wiring layer through a metal film
81 8,157,356 Ink jet printing head
82 8,157,353 Liquid ejection recording head
83 8,157,351 Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
84 8,157,349 Method of cleaning head and inkjet recording apparatus
85 8,157,347 Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording head cartridge
86 8,157,343 Data processing method, data processing apparatus, mask generation method, and mask pattern
87 8,157,255 Inserter