Canon patents granted on 17 August 2010

47 US patents granted on 17 August 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,779,251 Information communication apparatus and method, information communication system, and memory medium
2 7,779,168 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable memory medium storing program for realizing the method
3 7,779,095 Apparatus for communicating with external apparatus, controlling method, and computer-readable storage medium
4 7,778,969 Information-processing apparatus and method for processing document
5 7,778,585 Electrophotographic cleaning blade, process for producing electrophotographic cleaning blade, and electrophotographic apparatus
6 7,778,584 Thermal fixing device and image forming device
7 7,778,583 Endless belt conveying apparatus and toner image heating apparatus
8 7,778,582 Image heating apparatus with frame accommodating apparatus components
9 7,778,574 Image forming apparatus with an intermediary transfer belt having a referential mark
10 7,778,570 Image forming apparatus
11 7,778,558 Image forming apparatus capable of controlling application voltage to adhering member
12 7,778,542 Image capturing apparatus
13 7,778,539 Optical apparatus
14 7,778,429 Audio processor, audio processing method, computer program, and computer readable storage medium
15 7,778,416 Print data communication with data encryption and decryption
16 7,778,133 Optical Information recording/reproducing apparatus
17 7,777,978 Lens barrel
18 7,777,951 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
19 7,777,927 Oscillator device, method of driving the same, optical deflector and image display device using the same
20 7,777,910 Image processing apparatus and method, image processing program, and computer readable storage medium storing image processing program
21 7,777,909 Information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, option function setup method, option function setup method for information processing apparatus, option function setup method for image forming apparatus, program, and storage
22 7,777,907 Printing system using post-printing processing apparatus
23 7,777,906 Document management system, document management method, and program
24 7,777,864 Device and method for controlling close contact of near-field exposure mask, and near-field exposure mask for the same
25 7,777,848 Manufacturing method of liquid crystal panel and deuterium oxide surface treatment method of alignment film
26 7,777,805 Image capturing apparatus for performing photography in a live view display state and control method thereof
27 7,777,795 Solid-state image pickup device
28 7,777,793 Signal processor having A/D conversion unit and operation part
29 7,777,780 Image motion display method and apparatus
30 7,777,776 Frequency modulator that generates frequency data for use in modulating input image data
31 7,777,762 Image processing device and method for design
32 7,777,693 Image output apparatus having a communication unit, and control method thereof
33 7,777,167 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system having a light source with light for calibration of conversion elements
34 7,776,751 Process for producing silicon compound
35 7,776,509 Photosensitive compound, photosensitive composition, resist pattern forming method, and device production process
36 7,776,501 Color toner
37 7,776,398 Process for forming mesostructured material and process for controlling orientation of tubular mesopores
38 7,775,647 Liquid container, head cartridge, ink jet printing apparatus, and stirring method for liquid container
39 7,775,646 Liquid jet recording apparatus
40 7,775,638 Ink jet recording head and recording apparatus
41 7,775,622 Inkjet printing apparatus and preliminary discharge control method of said apparatus
42 7,775,620 Substrate for ink jet recording head, driving control method, ink jet recording head, and ink jet recording apparatus
43 7,775,618 Recording apparatus and data processing method
44 7,775,617 Printing apparatus and control method of the printing apparatus
45 7,775,614 Ink jet recording apparatus and method of controlling the same for complementary recording
46 7,775,433 Optical deflection apparatus, image forming apparatus, and method of driving optical deflection apparatus
47 7,775,177 Circuit pattern forming device and circuit pattern forming method