Canon patents granted on 17 February 2009

18 US patents granted on 17 February 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 7,493,378 Network management method for providing device list and network management device to provide device list
2 7,492,936 Radiographic image capturing apparatus
3 7,492,510 Optical element having antireflection film, and exposure apparatus
4 7,492,495 Optical scanning apparatus and scanning image display apparatus
5 7,492,476 Image processing apparatus
6 7,492,474 Information processing apparatus, distributed printing controlling method, storing medium and program
7 7,492,362 Virtual space rendering/display apparatus and virtual space rendering/display method
8 7,492,348 Electrophoric display apparatus with gradation signal control
9 7,492,087 Electron emission apparatus comprising electron-emitting devices, image forming apparatus and voltage application apparatus for applying voltage between electrodes
10 7,491,976 Light-emitting element array and image forming apparatus
11 7,491,967 Field effect transistor, method of producing the same, and method of producing laminated member
12 7,491,960 Radiographic apparatus and control method therefor
13 7,491,780 Polymerizable compound, polymer compound and block polymer compound, and composition, image-forming method and image-forming apparatus using the same
14 7,491,450 Organic electroluminescent device
15 7,491,378 Electrode structure production process
16 7,490,986 Radiation image projection apparatus and radiation image projection method
17 7,490,822 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
18 7,490,407 Method of patterning wall and phosphor well matrix utilizing glass