Canon patents granted on 17 February 2015

84 US patents granted on 17 February 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 8,959,649 Information transmission apparatus, data transmission apparatus, information transmission destination designating method, data transmitting method, program and storage medium
2 8,959,446 Information processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
3 8,959,436 Method of selecting a frame from motion video
4 8,959,309 Skip list generation
5 8,959,268 Information processing apparatus, serial communication system, method of initialization of communication therefor and serial communication apparatus
6 8,959,236 Communication system and method for executing a setting process regardless of whether a setting method requires switching of networks
7 8,959,178 Transmission apparatus and transmission method
8 8,958,915 Robot system controlling method, robot system, and control apparatus for quadrupedal robot
9 8,958,738 Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus
10 8,958,735 Rotational heating member, and image heating apparatus having rotational heating member
11 8,958,730 Image forming apparatus
12 8,958,727 Cartridge having a replenishment opening, and image forming apparatus
13 8,958,726 Developer accommodating container, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
14 8,958,717 Cleaning apparatus, cartridge, image forming apparatus, and elastic seal
15 8,958,716 Image forming apparatus and cooling apparatus
16 8,958,709 Image forming apparatus having a second resistor portion with a higher electrical resistance than a first resistor portion
17 8,958,708 Image forming apparatus having variable potential setting
18 8,958,657 Frame rate conversion image processing apparatus, control method, and computer-readable storage medium
19 8,958,645 Systems and methods for topic-specific video presentation
20 8,958,612 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
21 8,958,531 X-ray waveguide
22 8,958,161 Zoom lens and projector using the same
23 8,958,155 Light-shielding film for optical element and optical element having light-shielding film
24 8,958,135 Image display control apparatus and image display control method
25 8,958,132 Image reading apparatus
26 8,958,128 Color image processing apparatus and method for processing color image
27 8,958,123 Image forming apparatus
28 8,958,120 Print control apparatus, print control method, and storage medium
29 8,958,116 Inspection apparatus, inspection system, inspection method, and storage medium
30 8,958,113 Image input/output apparatus and image input/output method
31 8,958,103 Management apparatus, management method and computer readable medium for confirming identity of a device in a network using identification information and log information
32 8,958,101 Image processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
33 8,958,098 Communication device allowing proxy reception of data directed thereto, and control method and storage medium therefor
34 8,958,095 Relay server, relay server control method, and storage medium
35 8,958,094 Image forming apparatus
36 8,958,093 Print control device, print control method and program
37 8,958,092 Image processing apparatus, control method for image processing apparatus and storage medium for receiving an electronic document from an external apparatus according to a plurality of reception methods
38 8,958,089 Facsimile apparatus and control method therefor
39 8,958,069 Spectral colorimetric apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
40 8,958,059 Method of determining mask pattern and exposure condition, storage medium, and computer
41 8,958,007 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
42 8,958,006 Image pickup apparatus capable of performing focus control during a continuous shooting interval
43 8,958,003 Image confirmation apparatus
44 8,957,995 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
45 8,957,991 Imaging apparatus, image processing method and computer program for smoothing dynamic range of luminance of an image signal, color conversion process
46 8,957,986 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
47 8,957,985 Imaging apparatus and control method for imaging apparatus including image processing using either a reduced image or a divided image
48 8,957,980 Image pickup apparatus
49 8,957,974 Image stabilization control apparatus and imaging apparatus
50 8,957,947 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
51 8,957,932 Exposure apparatus and image forming apparatus
52 8,957,922 Display apparatus and method for controlling the same
53 8,957,904 Image processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
54 8,957,899 Image processing apparatus and method for controlling the same
55 8,957,864 Coordinate input apparatus and method
56 8,957,746 Parallel 1/4 wavelength line frequency filter
57 8,957,609 Method of controlling vibration motor
58 8,957,507 Technology of reducing radiation noise of semiconductor device
59 8,957,392 Mass spectrometer
60 8,957,383 Radiation detection apparatus and radiation detection system
61 8,957,370 Ionization apparatus, mass spectrometer including ionization apparatus, and image forming system
62 8,957,364 Photo-electric conversion device with current fluctuation suppression
63 8,957,360 Method for driving photoelectric conversion apparatus
64 8,957,151 Liquid-repellent film and production method therefor, and fine structure using the liquid-repellent film and production method therefor
65 8,956,792 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, electrophotographic apparatus, and method of producing electrophotographic photosensitive member
66 8,956,703 Method for manufacturing liquid ejecting head
67 8,956,691 Methods for manufacturing organic-inorganic composite particles, optical material, optical element and lens, and organic-inorganic composite particles
68 8,956,515 Multilayer-film sputtering apparatus and method of forming multilayer film
69 8,956,143 Lithography system and lithography method
70 8,955,977 Projection-type image display apparatus
71 8,955,972 Ophthalmologic apparatus
72 8,955,970 Fundus imaging method, fundus imaging apparatus, and storage medium
73 8,955,967 Printing apparatus with an openable cover structure
74 8,955,959 Print apparatus
75 8,955,956 Printing apparatus and inkjet method
76 8,955,955 Image recording method
77 8,955,947 Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head, ultrasonic motor, and dust removing device
78 8,955,936 Printing apparatus and control method for the same
79 8,955,931 Liquid ejection head and recording apparatus
80 8,955,843 Print control apparatus and print control method
81 8,955,842 Image forming apparatus
82 8,955,841 Method for controlling sheet conveyance in image forming apparatus
83 8,955,438 Printing device and printing method
84 8,955,223 Method of manufacturing liquid ejection head