Canon patents granted on 17 January 2006

33 US patents granted on 17 January 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 6,988,243 Print system and information processing apparatus
2 6,987,942 Toner supply kit
3 6,987,940 Developing apparatus
4 6,987,939 Image forming apparatus with two cleaning electric fields for transferring developer from a developer charging device onto an image bearing member
5 6,987,938 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
6 6,987,934 Image forming apparatus
7 6,987,830 Radiation generating apparatus, radiation generating method, exposure apparatus, and exposure method
8 6,987,785 Harmonic generator, method for driving harmonic generator, image-displaying apparatus, image-forming apparatus, optical storage apparatus that employs harmonic generator
9 6,987,685 Readout circuit, solid state image pickup device using the same circuit, and camera system using the same
10 6,987,652 Tapered angle magnetoresistive element and nonvolatile solid-state memory using the same
11 6,987,622 Zoom lens and image taking system
12 6,987,621 Aberration correction optical system
13 6,987,617 Diffracting optical element, and optical system and optical apparatus having the same
14 6,987,594 Optical scanning apparatus
15 6,987,576 Image forming apparatus with gamma conversion means
16 6,987,567 Color evaluation apparatus and method
17 6,987,554 Temperature adjusting system and exposure apparatus incorporating the same
18 6,987,535 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
19 6,987,532 Image sensing apparatus, control, and method of designing an optical system therefor
20 6,987,521 Control apparatus and method for image display
21 6,987,519 Image processing method and apparatus
22 6,987,502 Electrophoretic display device
23 6,987,413 Input circuit, display device and information display apparatus
24 6,987,345 Vibration type actuator drive controller and method of controlling drive speed of vibration type actuator
25 6,987,335 Alignment apparatus and exposure apparatus using the same
26 6,987,276 Gas supply unit, gas supply method and exposure system
27 6,987,251 Heating apparatus with temperature detection system for identifying and notifying the user that the material to be heated is wound around the induction heating element
28 6,986,982 Resist material and method of manufacturing inkjet recording head using the same
29 6,986,980 Method of producing micro structure, method of producing liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge head by the same
30 6,986,824 Process and apparatus for forming images
31 6,986,692 Production method of image-forming apparatus, and image-forming apparatus produced by the production method
32 6,986,588 Light emitting device and camera having the same
33 6,986,574 Recording apparatus