Canon patents granted on 17 January 2017

43 US patents granted on 17 January 2017 and assigned to Canon

1 9,549,472 Printed circuit board, semiconductor device connection structure, and method of manufacturing a printed circuit board
2 9,549,281 Communication apparatus, control method for communication apparatus, and program
3 9,549,278 Communication system, communication apparatus, methods of controlling same, and storage medium
4 9,549,187 Intra prediction mode determination apparatus, intra prediction mode determination method, and recording medium
5 9,549,139 Imaging apparatus, imaging system, and method for driving imaging apparatus
6 9,549,138 Imaging device, imaging system, and driving method of imaging device using comparator in analog-to-digital converter
7 9,549,137 Driving method for imaging apparatus, imaging apparatus, and imaging system
8 9,549,131 Imaging apparatus and imaging method using independently corrected color values
9 9,549,112 Image capturing apparatus, and control method therefor
10 9,549,098 Image forming apparatus generating conversion condition of measurement unit and method for controlling the same
11 9,549,083 Image communication apparatus capable of performing facsimile communication via IP network, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
12 9,548,328 Solid-state image sensor and camera
13 9,548,207 Method of etching a silicon substrate
14 9,548,014 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
15 9,547,812 Printing apparatus, method of controlling the same and storage medium
16 9,547,806 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and storage medium
17 9,547,803 Modulation guided phase unwrapping
18 9,547,614 Device management system, communication device, device management apparatus, and control method
19 9,547,487 Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and control program therefor
20 9,547,288 Information processing apparatus and method for controlling the same
21 9,547,273 Image forming apparatus having simultaneous development and cleaning
22 9,547,272 Cleaning blade and cleaning device
23 9,547,266 Image forming apparatus controlling timing of switching between image formation modes
24 9,547,264 Image heating apparatus having a controller for generating magnetic flux in a coil to generate heat
25 9,547,262 Fixing device with receiving portion configured to receive information corresponding to width of recording material from external terminal and image forming apparatus including such fixing device
26 9,547,259 Development device
27 9,547,255 Process cartridge detachably attached to a main body of an electrophotographic apparatus
28 9,547,252 Organic light emitting device
29 9,547,251 Image forming apparatus having controllable potential difference
30 9,547,250 Electroconductive member for electrophotography, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
31 9,547,242 Lithography apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
32 9,547,230 Method for evaluating optical image of pattern, recording medium, and information processing apparatus
33 9,546,863 Three-dimensional measuring apparatus and control method therefor
34 9,546,693 Drive apparatus and belt unit for image forming apparatus
35 9,546,061 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system
36 9,546,058 Stacking device and image forming apparatus
37 9,545,804 Recording apparatus
38 9,545,799 Apparatus and method for printing on and cutting a continuous sheet
39 9,545,793 Processing method of silicon substrate, fabricating method of substrate for liquid ejection head, and fabricating method of liquid ejection head
40 9,545,791 Ink jet printing apparatus and print head temperature control method
41 9,545,733 Cutting apparatus and printing apparatus
42 9,545,696 Screwing system
43 9,545,629 Micro flow-channel chip, method for manufacturing the same, and device for analysis