Canon patents granted on 17 July 2012

63 US patents granted on 17 July 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,225,412 Document verification method, document verification apparatus and storage medium
2 8,225,375 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method and program therefor
3 8,225,360 Communication system, information processing apparatus, image pickup device, control method therefor, and storage medium
4 8,225,355 Program search apparatus and program search method for same
5 8,225,210 Image processing apparatus and control method
6 8,225,205 Electronic document processing apparatus and electronic document processing method
7 8,225,200 Extracting a character string from a document and partitioning the character string into words by inserting space characters where appropriate
8 8,225,010 Data recording apparatus and method
9 8,224,969 Information processor
10 8,224,908 Information processing system, E-mail transmission control apparatus, information processing method and program
11 8,224,223 Image heating apparatus and pressure roller used for image heating apparatus
12 8,224,208 Image forming apparatus
13 8,224,201 Image heating apparatus for controlling a voltage applied to a heater
14 8,224,200 Image forming apparatus for controlling speed of intermediate transfer member according to image
15 8,224,199 Image forming apparatus featuring toner image band formation and adjusting image formation
16 8,224,192 Image forming apparatus
17 8,224,168 Image pickup apparatus and lens apparatus having mechanical and electronic shutters where blur correction is adjusted according to shutter mode
18 8,224,131 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
19 8,224,101 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof with color data and monochrome data selection
20 8,224,091 Image processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and program for extracting information usable for a search
21 8,224,083 Extraction of illumination light image in an image processing apparatus, and image processing method and storage medium therefor
22 8,223,812 Optical scanning apparatus
23 8,223,440 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
24 8,223,439 Optical system and image pickup apparatus having the optical system
25 8,223,436 Rear attachment lens, imaging optical system and image pickup apparatus
26 8,223,400 Management apparatus and management method
27 8,223,389 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program and storage medium therefor
28 8,223,382 Printing apparatus and control method therefor
29 8,223,378 Printing system, job processing method, printing apparatus, storage medium, and program
30 8,223,371 Image forming apparatus, data processing method, program, and storage medium
31 8,223,368 Image processing apparatus and method
32 8,223,362 Communication apparatus and method
33 8,223,356 Printing service ordering system and ordering method
34 8,223,317 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method controlling shutter based on intensity of reflected light
35 8,223,316 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
36 8,223,315 Measuring apparatus and exposure apparatus having the same
37 8,223,314 Method for measuring wavefront aberration
38 8,223,313 Light intensity distribution measurement apparatus and measurement method, and exposure apparatus
39 8,223,253 Image pickup device and method of controlling same
40 8,223,238 Solid-state imaging apparatus, and imaging system using the same
41 8,223,228 Image signal processing apparatus, image signal processing method and camera using the image signal processing apparatus
42 8,223,224 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with same
43 8,223,216 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
44 8,223,209 Parameter configuration apparatus and method
45 8,223,184 Scanning optical device and image forming apparatus using the same
46 8,223,170 Digital document editing method, digital document editing program and digital document editing apparatus
47 8,223,160 Image processing device, control method of image processing device, and storage medium
48 8,223,146 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
49 8,223,059 Switched-capacitor input circuit and analog-to-digital converter including the same
50 8,222,854 Optical apparatus
51 8,222,682 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system using photoelectric conversion apparatus
52 8,222,611 Radiation imaging apparatus, its control method, and recording medium storing program for executing the control method
53 8,222,609 Image pickup apparatus, radiation image pickup apparatus, and method for manufacturing same
54 8,221,553 Method for producing organic light-emitting device
55 8,221,177 Organic EL panel including an element substrate dehydrated in a shorter time and method for manufacturing the same
56 8,221,008 Cradle having panhead function
57 8,220,936 Image projection apparatus with operation image generation based on distance to the projection surface, and method for controlling the same
58 8,220,917 Image forming apparatus with a plurality of applying units
59 8,220,904 Liquid composition, set, liquid cartridge, inkjet recording method, and inkjet recording apparatus
60 8,220,901 Liquid discharge head and manufacturing method thereof
61 8,220,894 Image forming apparatus, communication device, and cartridge
62 8,220,892 Printhead and printing apparatus using the printhead
63 8,220,411 Liquid applying apparatus, method of controlling the same, and ink jet printing apparatus