Canon patents granted on 17 June 2014

73 US patents granted on 17 June 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 RE44,947 Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
2 RE44,945 Manufacturing method for ink jet recording head chip, and manfuacturing method for ink jet recording head
3 8,756,638 Method and device for displaying images of a video sequence
4 8,756,629 Web information processing apparatus and web information processing method, and information processing apparatus and information processing apparatus control method
5 8,756,536 Generation method, storage medium, and information processing apparatus
6 8,756,334 Moving image reproducing apparatus and method
7 8,756,305 Information processing apparatus and connection control method for joining a wireless network and searching for a printer having a predetermined function
8 8,756,033 Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system and control method thereof
9 8,755,734 Image forming apparatus
10 8,755,729 Glossiness processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
11 8,755,727 Surface processing apparatus and image formation system
12 8,755,726 Fixing belt and fixing apparatus
13 8,755,718 Image forming apparatus
14 8,755,714 Charging member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
15 8,755,713 Manufacturing method of developing device, remanufacturing method of process cartridge, developing device, and process cartridge
16 8,755,709 Image forming system and control apparatus utilizing dual image forming apparatuses
17 8,755,706 Image forming apparatus
18 8,755,622 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
19 8,755,611 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
20 8,755,562 Estimation apparatus, control method thereof, and program
21 8,755,552 Speaker system with at least two codirectional channels
22 8,755,443 Video source coding with decoder side information
23 8,755,441 Region of interest-based video transfer
24 8,755,134 ND filter, and iris device and optical apparatus having the same
25 8,755,129 Lens barrel
26 8,755,128 Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus, and lens controlling method
27 8,755,127 Optical apparatus
28 8,755,126 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
29 8,755,119 Diffractive optical element, optical system and optical apparatus
30 8,755,100 Image forming apparatus for measuring a color of a formed image
31 8,755,099 Image forming apparatus and system configured to perform color correction based on medium type
32 8,755,096 Image sensor unit and image reading apparatus
33 8,755,094 Method of measuring irradiation position shift and focus shift in optical scanning apparatus
34 8,755,084 Image forming apparatus, control method, and medium for performing printing with a transparent recording agent
35 8,755,079 Image forming apparatus discriminating whether image data of an object to be subjected to transformation processing is stored in a storage unit
36 8,755,075 Control apparatus, control method, and storage medium
37 8,755,074 Updating a job list in a server after shutdown when the server is rebooted
38 8,755,070 Printing apparatus, control method for printing apparatus, and program, that supplies power based on a predetermined temperature
39 8,755,065 Print system, print server, control method thereof, and program
40 8,755,064 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program protecting security of an object in a document
41 8,755,052 Shape measuring method
42 8,754,978 Semiconductor device
43 8,754,976 Image-capturing apparatus including image sensor utilizing pairs of focus detection pixels
44 8,754,971 Image sensing apparatus and image capturing system
45 8,754,969 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion apparatus
46 8,754,964 Defective pixel data correcting apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and method for correcting defective pixel data
47 8,754,957 Image processing apparatus and method
48 8,754,921 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
49 8,754,920 Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
50 8,754,896 Data processing apparatus having a parallel processing circuit including a plurality of processing modules, and method for controlling the same
51 8,754,660 Capacitive detection type electro-mechanical transducer
52 8,754,624 DC/DC converter and electronic apparatus
53 8,754,598 Motor drive apparatus for brushless motor
54 8,754,490 Element array with a plurality of electromechanical conversion devices
55 8,754,382 Charged particle beam drawing apparatus and method of manufacturing article
56 8,754,380 Radiographic imaging apparatus and control method therefor
57 8,754,363 Method and apparatus for reducing noise in mass signal
58 8,754,241 Organic compound and electrochromic element having the same
59 8,753,800 Process for producing ejection orifice forming member and liquid ejection head
60 8,753,798 Process for forming a hydrophilic coating and hydrophilic coating, and process for forming an ink jet recording head and ink jet recording head
61 8,753,789 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, electrophotographic apparatus, and method of manufacturing electrophotographic photosensitive member
62 8,753,749 Thermal expansion suppressing member and anti-thermally-expansive member
63 8,753,608 Complex and contrast agent for photoimaging using the same
64 8,752,962 Ophthalmic apparatus
65 8,752,961 Fundus photographing apparatus
66 8,752,954 Sheet conveyance apparatus and printing apparatus
67 8,752,930 Suction-based recovery control method and ink jet printing apparatus
68 8,752,837 Sheet storage device and image forming apparatus
69 8,752,832 Sheet conveying apparatus
70 8,752,830 Sheet feeder that detects multi-feed of sheets and image forming apparatus
71 8,752,823 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
72 8,752,819 Sheet processing apparatus
73 8,752,246 Electronic apparatus with detachable and openable lid