Canon patents granted on 17 March 2015

102 US patents granted on 17 March 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 8,984,435 Print control apparatus and print control method
2 8,984,413 Transmission system, transmission apparatus, and method
3 8,984,383 Methods for decoding, methods for retrieving, method for encoding, method of transmitting, corresponding devices, information storage means and computer program products
4 8,984,087 Communication apparatus provided with network interfaces, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor
5 8,983,362 Sheet binding apparatus using concave-convex members and image forming apparatus having same
6 8,983,361 Image forming apparatus with sheet transport control timing changed according to length of transported sheet
7 8,983,335 Process cartridge, developing device and image forming apparatus
8 8,983,334 Image forming apparatus having a path regulating member
9 8,983,329 Piezoelectric transformer type high-voltage power supply device and image forming apparatus
10 8,983,328 Connector for heater, fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
11 8,983,325 Image heating apparatus
12 8,983,317 Method for detecting surface potential of image bearing member and image forming apparatus
13 8,983,316 Fixing device and control device
14 8,983,314 Image forming apparatus capable of detecting contact fusion, and relay control apparatus
15 8,983,313 Image heating device
16 8,983,285 Image pickup apparatus
17 8,983,284 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus including the same
18 8,983,262 Information recording apparatus and controlling method thereof
19 8,983,226 Apparatus and method for detecting specific object pattern from image
20 8,983,219 Image processing apparatus and control method therefor
21 8,983,217 Stereo image encoding apparatus, its method, and image pickup apparatus having stereo image encoding apparatus
22 8,983,204 Image processing apparatus and method for controlling same
23 8,983,185 Image compression
24 8,983,164 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
25 8,983,149 Information processing apparatus, image selection method, album creation system, and storage medium
26 8,983,122 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
27 8,983,115 Detecting alteration of an image based on pattern information of color filter array
28 8,982,894 Communication system, control station thereof and communication method
29 8,982,476 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
30 8,982,443 Organic compound and electrochromic device including the same
31 8,982,434 Image processing apparatus, scanner apparatus, image processing apparatus control method, and scanner apparatus control method
32 8,982,432 Original reading apparatus for reading image of an original
33 8,982,431 Illumination apparatus and image reading apparatus
34 8,982,410 Printing control method, printing control apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium for setting a binding margin according to a binding direction
35 8,982,407 Image processing using pixel replacement
36 8,982,404 Information processing apparatus, recording medium, and control method to display management information for managing a job
37 8,982,396 Image forming apparatus for displaying a tally window of print histories, control method therefor, printing system, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
38 8,982,395 Information processing apparatus which issues a predetermined output instruction when a dragged file is dropped on an object
39 8,982,394 Scan server, scan device, scan service method and scan service program
40 8,982,393 Printing apparatus and printing method
41 8,982,392 Device search system, device search method, image forming apparatus, and information processing apparatus
42 8,982,388 Information processing apparatus that displays operation screen and control method therefor
43 8,982,387 Information processing apparatus, control method thereof and computer-readable medium
44 8,982,385 Image reading apparatus having transmission function and control method therefor
45 8,982,381 System, device, method, and computer-readable storage medium for registering information processing device identification data with an image processing device
46 8,982,376 Appending a print password and a reprint password to a print job
47 8,982,373 Information processing device, method, and storage medium
48 8,982,371 Image forming apparatus, control method of image forming apparatus, and storage medium
49 8,982,357 Imaging device and imaging method
50 8,982,342 Method and apparatus for calculating a refractive index, material for calculating a refractive index, and a tomography apparatus
51 8,982,315 Exposure apparatus, temperature regulating system, and device manufacturing method
52 8,982,254 Solid-state image sensor and manufacturing method thereof, and camera
53 8,982,252 Image sensing device using a photoelectric converter and a control method therefor
54 8,982,249 Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling an image capturing apparatus for capturing and processing a plurality of pieces of exposure and dark image data to correct combined exposure image data in accordance with combined dark image data
55 8,982,244 Image capturing apparatus for luminance correction, a control method therefor, and a recording medium
56 8,982,234 Information processing apparatus and method
57 8,982,232 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
58 8,982,224 Image pickup apparatus, control apparatus, and control method for distributing captured images to a terminal via a network
59 8,982,172 Vibrating element, optical scanning device, and image forming device and image projection device using same
60 8,982,168 Image forming apparatus
61 8,982,153 Display control apparatus, control method therefor, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
62 8,982,102 Coordinate input apparatus
63 8,981,987 Imaging device, driving method of imaging device, and imaging system
64 8,981,859 Oscillator
65 8,981,626 Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, liquid ejection head, ultrasonic motor, and dust removing device
66 8,981,619 Vibration type actuator, vibrator, and vibrator manufacturing method
67 8,981,439 Solid-state imaging device and image capturing system
68 8,981,438 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system using the same
69 8,981,323 Charged particle beam apparatus, and article manufacturing method
70 8,981,321 Charged-particle beam exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing article
71 8,981,303 Sensor device
72 8,981,301 Apparatus and method of measuring terahertz wave
73 8,981,300 Electromagnetic wave pulse measuring device and method, and application device using the same
74 8,981,037 Polyester resin, method of producing the resin, and molding product
75 8,980,968 Photosensitive resin composition, method for producing structure, and liquid discharge head
76 8,980,751 Methods and systems of material removal and pattern transfer
77 8,980,670 Electromechanical transducer and method of manufacturing the same
78 8,980,543 Method of measuring enzyme activity by multi-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance
79 8,980,540 Method of manufacturing solid-state image sensor
80 8,980,533 Supply apparatus which supplies radicals, lithography apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
81 8,980,521 Method of producing toner
82 8,980,517 Toner
83 8,980,510 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus, and method for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member
84 8,980,509 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, electrophotographic apparatus, and method of manufacturing electrophotographic photosensitive member
85 8,980,508 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, electrophotographic apparatus and method of manufacturing the electrophotographic photosensitive member
86 8,980,444 Iridium complex and organic light-emitting device including the same
87 8,980,423 Charging member, process for its production, process cartridge
88 8,980,401 Optical member and method of producing the same
89 8,980,117 Piezoelectric material
90 8,980,112 Method for renewing organic solvent, method for using organic solvent, and method for producing inkjet recording head
91 8,980,110 Method of manufacturing liquid ejection head and method of processing substrate
92 8,980,010 Dust removing device and dust removing method
93 8,979,284 Vibration member driving circuit
94 8,979,268 Ophthalmic apparatus
95 8,979,267 Imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same
96 8,979,265 Fundus camera
97 8,979,238 Image processing method and image processor
98 8,979,235 Conveyance apparatus and recording apparatus
99 8,979,234 Recording apparatus
100 8,979,231 Recording apparatus
101 8,979,088 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
102 8,978,488 Magnetic force sensor including a magneto-electric transducer