Canon patents granted on 17 May 2011

50 US patents granted on 17 May 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 D638,057 Process cartridge
2 D638,056 Process cartridge
3 7,945,938 Network camera system and control method therefore
4 7,945,873 Mask pattern data generating method, information processing apparatus, photomask fabrication system, and image sensing apparatus
5 7,945,770 Information processing apparatus and method for executing plug and play processing via a predetermined communication medium
6 7,945,712 Job status monitoring system, job status monitoring method, program, and storage medium
7 7,945,649 Information processing device, information processing method, and computer-readable medium for setting a value used in network communications
8 7,945,646 Distinguishable display of searched network devices with a physical address or a network address
9 7,945,420 Absolute position measurement apparatus
10 7,945,193 Image forming apparatus and developing apparatus
11 7,945,190 Cleanerless image forming apparatus
12 7,945,188 Image forming apparatus with a cleaning operation to improve image quality
13 7,945,187 Image forming apparatus
14 7,945,185 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
15 7,945,178 Image forming apparatus including density control and control method thereof
16 7,945,177 Image forming apparatus with first and second settable resolution grades
17 7,945,152 Focus adjustment method, focus adjustment apparatus, and control method thereof
18 7,945,151 Focus control method and unit determining in-focus lens position based on read times of the autofocus areas and focus lens position and time
19 7,945,150 Image-pickup apparatus and focus control method
20 7,945,118 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
21 7,945,096 Apparatus for discriminating the types of recording material and an apparatus for forming image
22 7,945,015 X-ray imaging apparatus and control method thereof
23 7,944,801 Information recording and/or reproducing apparatus having two photodetectors to control the light intensity of two light sources with different wavelengths
24 7,944,683 Image display apparatus
25 7,944,677 Electrostatic chuck
26 7,944,625 Optical system and image pickup apparatus having the same
27 7,944,595 Color processing method and apparatus
28 7,944,588 Image correction processing apparatus, image correction processing method, program, and storage medium
29 7,944,583 Image processing apparatus and method
30 7,944,582 Carriage drive control method and printing apparatus which adopts the method
31 7,944,570 Printing workflow server
32 7,944,564 Device and method for acquiring information on objective substance to be detected by detecting a change of wavelength characteristics on the optical transmittance
33 7,944,552 Method for displaying result of measurement of eccentricity
34 7,944,546 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
35 7,944,501 Image sensing apparatus and image sensing apparatus control method
36 7,944,137 Electron source and image display apparatus
37 7,944,136 Light emitter substrate and image displaying apparatus using the same
38 7,943,975 Image pickup device
39 7,943,488 Transfer method of functional region, LED array, LED printer head, and LED printer
40 7,943,370 Structure, target substance detection element and target substance detection kit
41 7,943,320 Unsymmetrical cyanine dyes for high resolution nucleic acid melting analysis
42 7,943,313 Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
43 7,943,281 Black toner
44 7,942,713 Method of fabricating an electron-emitting device incorporating a conductive film containing first and second particles having different resistance values
45 7,942,516 Image forming method and image forming apparatus
46 7,942,411 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
47 7,942,409 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
48 7,942,407 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
49 7,942,399 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
50 7,942,340 Two-dimensional code, and method and apparatus for detecting two-dimensional code