Canon patents granted on 17 November 2015

69 US patents granted on 17 November 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 9,192,044 Printed wiring board, semiconductor package, and printed circuit board
2 9,191,638 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium
3 9,191,630 Dynamic layouts
4 9,191,600 Solid-state imaging apparatus that selects among different analog signals
5 9,191,595 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program, and image pickup apparatus including image processing apparatus
6 9,191,575 Image stabilization apparatus, image capture apparatus comprising the same, and controlling methods thereof
7 9,191,573 Image capturing apparatus for determining an exposure condition by calculating aphotmetric value for each object region and method of controlling the same
8 9,191,569 Imaging apparatus having object detection function and method for controlling imaging apparatus
9 9,191,565 Lens unit, image pickup apparatus, and methods of controlling lens unit and image pickup apparatus
10 9,191,560 Image capturing apparatus that performs photoelectric conversion on incident light that has passed through an imaging lens and outputs an electric signal
11 9,191,550 Image forming apparatus and method for performing gradation correction in an image forming apparatus and program
12 9,191,549 Image reading apparatus and image reading method
13 9,191,542 Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
14 9,191,197 AES encryption/decryption circuit
15 9,190,978 Differential transmission circuit and printed circuit board
16 9,190,913 Power source device and image forming apparatus
17 9,190,602 Piezoelectric element, multilayered piezoelectric element, liquid discharge apparatus, and ultrasonic motor
18 9,190,449 Image pickup apparatus including signal holding units
19 9,190,439 Solid-state image pickup device
20 9,190,437 Semiconductor detection apparatus capable of switching capacitance among different levels, and detection system including the apparatus
21 9,190,287 Method of fabricating fin FET and method of fabricating device
22 9,190,257 Ionization method, mass spectrometry method, extraction method, and purification method
23 9,190,030 Display control apparatus and display control method
24 9,190,026 Systems and methods for feature fusion
25 9,189,808 Monitoring apparatus, monitoring method, and storage medium for acquiring counter information from an image forming apparatus
26 9,189,771 Client apparatus, server apparatus, document management system, document management method, and medium storing program thereof
27 9,189,714 Apparatus and method for enlarging object included in image data, and storage medium therefor
28 9,189,709 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
29 9,189,703 Systems and methods for colorimetric and spectral material estimation
30 9,189,693 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
31 9,189,681 Image processing apparatus, method thereof, and computer-readable storage medium
32 9,189,657 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling same, and storage medium
33 9,189,639 Data processing apparatus and method for controlling same
34 9,189,499 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
35 9,189,497 Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program for classifying a plurality of data
36 9,189,459 Document image layout apparatus
37 9,189,223 Connecting method and apparatus for connecting a component included in an application with an external service
38 9,189,183 Image processing apparatus, and control method thereof, and recording medium
39 9,189,140 Image processing apparatus, control method thereof and storage medium storing program
40 9,189,059 Communication apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable recording medium
41 9,188,951 Fixing apparatus
42 9,188,945 Cartridge and image forming apparatus
43 9,188,940 Developing device, process cartridge and drum unit
44 9,188,936 Image forming apparatus with first and second power supply
45 9,188,931 Vibration type driving apparatus and image forming apparatus
46 9,188,927 Information processing apparatus for controlling electric power consumption, information processing method, and storage medium storing control program therefor
47 9,188,906 Cartridge, developing cartridge, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
48 9,188,902 Image forming apparatus and correction data generation method
49 9,188,900 Light beam emitting apparatus, light scanning apparatus, and image forming apparatus
50 9,188,894 Method for manufacturing core-shell structure fine particles and toner
51 9,188,888 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, electrophotographic apparatus and method of manufacturing the electrophotographic photosensitive member
52 9,188,855 Imprint apparatus, imprint method, and device manufacturing method
53 9,188,854 Transfer apparatus and method of manufacturing device
54 9,188,837 Image pickup apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
55 9,188,836 Shutter device and image pickup apparatus including shutter device
56 9,188,777 Image pickup apparatus capable of preventing foreign matters from adhering to optical member
57 9,188,680 Radiation imaging system and relay station selection method
58 9,187,662 Ink, ink cartridge and ink jet recording method
59 9,187,284 Sheet discharge device and image forming apparatus
60 9,187,276 Recording material conveyance apparatus and image forming apparatus
61 9,187,274 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
62 9,186,926 Sheet processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, storing medium, and program
63 9,186,922 Recording apparatus and image processing method
64 9,186,913 Thermal transfer printing apparatus and method of controlling thermal transfer printing apparatus
65 9,186,906 Recording-medium imaging device and image forming apparatus
66 9,186,899 Ink jet printing apparatus
67 9,186,897 Recording head
68 9,186,117 X-ray imaging apparatus
69 9,186,057 Optical coherence tomographic imaging apparatus and control method thereof