Canon patents granted on 17 October 2006

42 US patents granted on 17 October 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 D530,360 Developer supplying container
2 D530,359 Developer supplying container
3 7,124,430 Television signal reception apparatus and method, and broadcast reception apparatus and method
4 7,124,359 Image edit device adapted to rapidly lay-out photographs into templates with means for preview and correction by user
5 7,124,308 Control of reproduction apparatus and distribution apparatus based on remaining power of battery
6 7,124,212 Data processing apparatus connected to a network connectable a plurality of devices
7 7,124,185 Communication device, communication method, computer program, and storing medium for an address book
8 7,124,178 Peripheral equipment and peripheral equipment control method
9 7,124,053 Image processing method and apparatus therefor
10 7,123,935 Communication device, imaging device, communication method, and recording medium storing program to execute communication method in computer readable state
11 7,123,871 Neutralizing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the neutralizing apparatus
12 7,123,862 Image forming apparatus
13 7,123,852 Image forming apparatus having positioned cleaning unit for image transfer belt positioned with respect to toner patch detecting member and toner image transfer member
14 7,123,849 Image forming apparatus, image forming apparatus control method, cartridge, and storage medium
15 7,123,813 Television signal receiver, and method for controlling recording of television signals
16 7,123,763 Image discrimination apparatus and image discrimination method
17 7,123,755 Image input apparatus, subject identification system, subject verification system and image input method
18 7,123,683 Radiographing apparatus and method
19 7,123,621 Data communication system, data communication method and data communication apparatus
20 7,123,614 Method and device for communicating between a first and a second network
21 7,123,414 Method for producing library
22 7,123,391 Color image processing method and apparatus
23 7,123,388 Image processing apparatus
24 7,123,370 Control system and units removably attachable to the same
25 7,123,350 Substrate holding device, substrate processing apparatus using the same, and method for aligning and holding substrate
26 7,123,346 Projection exposure apparatus with line width calculator controlled diaphragm unit
27 7,123,343 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
28 7,123,264 Moving image management apparatus and method
29 7,123,257 Coloring information adding method and apparatus, and image processing method and apparatus
30 7,123,214 Information processing method and apparatus
31 7,122,940 Manipulator
32 7,122,920 Motor and optical apparatus
33 7,122,859 Semiconductor device with switching element and corresponding driving circuit formed on a common semiconductor substrate, and liquid emitting apparatus that includes the semiconductor device
34 7,122,785 Rotation angle detection apparatus and resin rotary disk for the same
35 7,122,769 Induction heating apparatus for image fixing
36 7,122,297 Photosensitive resin composition, resist composition, fabrication method for patterned substrate, and device
37 7,121,913 Method for producing image-forming apparatus, and image-forming apparatus produced using the production method
38 7,121,660 Print producing method and print producing apparatus
39 7,121,645 Ink jet printing apparatus
40 7,121,641 Color ink-jet recording apparatus and method and method of processing image data
41 7,121,462 User programmable smart card interface system
42 7,120,978 Process of manufacturing a piezoelectric element