Canon patents granted on 18 August 2015

81 US patents granted on 18 August 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 9,113,507 Light source apparatus and method of controlling the same
2 9,113,174 Predictive coding apparatus, control method thereof, and computer program
3 9,113,170 Motion vector decision apparatus, motion vector decision method and computer readable storage medium
4 9,113,148 Three-dimensional measurement system and method
5 9,113,123 Electronic apparatus, control method, and recording medium
6 9,113,117 Image-taking apparatus and method for controlling the same
7 9,113,103 Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system
8 9,113,101 Image sensor and image capturing system
9 9,113,098 Image pickup apparatus and control method thereof, image pickup system, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
10 9,113,097 Image capturing apparatus that controls performing of short-term and long-term exposures and corresponding read operations, and control method thereof
11 9,113,072 Imaging control apparatus and imaging apparatus control method including a first display mode and a second display mode for executing an image preparation operation based on a touch operation
12 9,113,070 Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus having the same, and image processing method
13 9,113,069 Imaging apparatus having an attached interchangeable lens
14 9,113,067 Imaging apparatus, control apparatus, control method therefor, and recording medium
15 9,113,062 Imaging apparatus
16 9,113,060 Image display device with operation unit excellent in operability and image pickup apparatus having the same
17 9,113,059 Image pickup apparatus and image region discrimination method
18 9,113,054 Image processing apparatus, method, and medium for converting page image data
19 9,113,028 Image processing apparatus capable of loop playback of video, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
20 9,113,024 Apparatus and method for image processing using color image data and low frequency image data
21 9,113,022 Video display apparatus, video playback apparatus and method for controlling the same
22 9,113,018 Image forming apparatus, controlling method of image forming apparatus, and storing medium
23 9,113,016 Image forming apparatus, operation supporting method for image forming apparatus, and storage medium for fixing a failure relating to image formation
24 9,112,736 Data transfer apparatus, data transfer method, and inter-chip communication system
25 9,112,676 Communication apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
26 9,112,151 Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, and electronic device
27 9,111,827 Manufacturing method of solid-state imaging apparatus, solid-state imaging apparatus, and electronic imaging apparatus
28 9,111,826 Image pickup device, image pickup module, and camera
29 9,111,791 Stacked type semiconductor device and printed circuit board
30 9,111,655 Radiation generating apparatus and radiation imaging system
31 9,111,571 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
32 9,111,354 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
33 9,111,346 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
34 9,111,204 Image processing apparatus and method setting color separation parameter based on image data change resulting from lossy compression and expansion
35 9,111,197 Image processing apparatus having report printing function, method of controlling image processing apparatus, and storage medium
36 9,111,196 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
37 9,111,177 Position/orientation measurement apparatus, processing method therefor, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
38 9,111,101 Information processing apparatus capable of enabling selection of user data erase method, data processing method, and storage medium
39 9,110,874 Document conversion apparatus and document conversion method
40 9,110,760 Image forming apparatus, control method for image forming apparatus, and storage medium
41 9,110,707 Assigning wideio memories to functions based on memory access and acquired temperature information
42 9,110,623 Printing system, print relay server, method of controlling the server, and program
43 9,110,439 Cartridge having a grip provided on a frame
44 9,110,435 Device capable of extracting output control information, control method thereof, and storage medium
45 9,110,433 Image forming apparatus
46 9,110,431 Image forming apparatus
47 9,110,430 Cleaning device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
48 9,110,422 Color image forming apparatus
49 9,110,417 Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus including the fixing apparatus
50 9,110,416 Image heating device and pressing roller for use with the image heating device
51 9,110,413 Image heating apparatus having lubricant between film and nip forming portion and a film-supporting-surface groove having lubricant entrance
52 9,110,411 Fixing member manufacturing method and fixing member manufacturing apparatus
53 9,110,405 Image forming apparatus having a developer install mode
54 9,110,401 Interval guarantee member, developing apparatus, process cartridge
55 9,110,395 Image forming apparatus and cartridge
56 9,110,287 Catadioptric system and image pickup apparatus
57 9,110,278 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including same
58 9,110,275 Zoom lens and image-pickup apparatus
59 9,110,274 Catadioptric optical system and image-pickup apparatus having the same
60 9,110,238 Ocular optical system and image pick-up apparatus incorporating the same
61 9,110,227 Motor drive apparatus and optical apparatus
62 9,110,222 Image pickup system
63 9,110,176 Radiation detecting element
64 9,110,155 Ultrasonic apparatus
65 9,109,961 Compound calibrator for thermal sensors
66 9,109,954 Optical microscope and optical instrumentation
67 9,109,870 Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, and storage medium
68 9,109,285 Film-forming apparatus
69 9,108,810 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
70 9,108,446 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
71 9,108,428 Image forming and processing apparatus and methods for generating image data with respect to black and other chromatic color to reproduce a color in the dark portion of the color gamut
72 9,108,426 Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
73 9,108,425 Recording apparatus and liquid ejection head
74 9,108,410 Printing apparatus and control method
75 9,108,409 Inkjet printing apparatus and method of controlling the same
76 9,108,406 Device substrate, liquid ejection head, and method for manufacturing device substrate and liquid ejection head
77 9,108,403 Printing apparatus and printing method
78 9,107,651 Test apparatus and method of observing biopsy specimen sampled by using test apparatus
79 9,107,637 X-ray imaging apparatus and wavefront measuring apparatus
80 9,107,619 Optical-image pickup apparatus and method for controlling the same
81 9,107,582 Ophthalmologic apparatus, control method for ophthalmologic apparatus, and program