Canon patents granted on 18 December 2007

31 US patents granted on 18 December 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 D557,723 Video camera with digital video disc player
2 7,310,814 Service providing system, service providing apparatus, service providing method, and program for implementing the method
3 7,310,690 Communication device selecting its own unique name by comparing with other names from other communication devices on a network
4 7,310,600 Language recognition using a similarity measure
5 7,310,495 Image forming apparatus
6 7,310,489 Process cartridge including first and second portions to be positioned and first and second portions to be supported and image forming apparatus detachably mounting such process cartridge
7 7,310,486 Power supply apparatus and heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
8 7,310,483 Image-forming apparatus and image-forming method for making development using light toner and dark toner with substantially the same hue
9 7,310,444 Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
10 7,310,434 Image processing apparatus and method
11 7,310,404 Radiation CT radiographing device, radiation CT radiographing system, and radiation CT radiographing method using the same
12 7,310,176 Light deflector using torsional rotation about two axes
13 7,310,170 Communication apparatus, communication method, image forming apparatus utilizing such method, unit connected to image forming apparatus and image forming system
14 7,310,169 Image communication apparatus and control method thereof
15 7,310,166 Information processing apparatus and method, and print control program
16 7,310,164 Printer, printing control apparatus and printing system using unique job identifiers, and control method therefor
17 7,310,160 Facsimile communication apparatus and method permitting reliable V.17 communication
18 7,310,158 Communication apparatus capable of communication with other apparatuses through wireless communication, communication system having the same communication apparatus, and method for controlling the same
19 7,310,156 Printing system, printing method, digital camera, storage medium and program for printing method, and printing control apparatus
20 7,310,146 Mark position measuring method and apparatus
21 7,310,114 Picture storage device
22 7,309,950 Piezoelectric device, liquid discharge head employing this device and liquid discharge apparatus
23 7,309,657 Circuit board, liquid discharge apparatus, and method of manufacturing the circuit board
24 7,309,619 Light-emitting element, production method thereof, and light-emitting apparatus
25 7,309,533 Substituted anthryl derivative and electroluminescence device using the same
26 7,309,270 Electron beam apparatus and spacer
27 7,309,159 Radiation imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same
28 7,309,121 Liquid supplying system and apparatus incorporating the same
29 7,309,120 Head substrate, printhead, head cartridge, printing apparatus, and method for inputting/outputting information
30 7,309,022 Substance shutoff device and fuel cell
31 7,308,819 Gas measuring method inside a sealed container