Canon patents granted on 18 March 2014

67 US patents granted on 18 March 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 8,677,407 Image display apparatus and method for controlling the same
2 8,677,347 Device management apparatus, client apparatus, and device management method
3 8,677,233 Shared document system that manages images including approval information
4 8,677,156 Image forming apparatus
5 8,676,967 Event proxy notification apparatus and method of controlling the same and program
6 8,676,914 Synchronizing services across network nodes
7 8,676,898 Communication apparatus, control method, and storage medium that can identify communication errors
8 8,676,395 Communication terminal, computer-readable storage medium, and communication method
9 8,676,355 Position control apparatus including iterative learning circuit, exposure apparatus, method for manufacturing device, and iterative learning method for use in position control apparatus having iterative learning circuit including learning filter
10 8,676,106 Image heating member, and image heating apparatus having image heating station
11 8,676,100 Image forming apparatus using electrostatic image registration control
12 8,676,090 Rotational force transmitting part
13 8,676,085 Dismounting and mounting methods for coupling and electrophotogphaphic photosensitive drum unit
14 8,676,083 Sheet conveying apparatus, and image forming apparatus
15 8,676,080 Image forming apparatus which forms images on one side or both sides of a sheet
16 8,676,047 Image capture apparatus and method of controlling the same
17 8,676,039 Recording apparatus, control method thereof, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
18 8,676,032 Playback apparatus
19 8,675,974 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
20 8,675,969 Method and apparatus for detecting page boundaries
21 8,675,947 X-ray image diagnostic system, image processing apparatus and image processing method
22 8,675,624 Radiation imaging system, method for radiation imaging system, and computer-readable storage medium
23 8,675,265 Image reading apparatus
24 8,675,256 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
25 8,675,250 Inkjet printing apparatus and calibration method
26 8,675,249 Image processing apparatus, method, and program-recorded storage medium for correcting saturation
27 8,675,245 Apparatus with capability of detecting two-dimensional code
28 8,675,244 Rendering apparatus having a display list clip processing control method, rendering method, and storage medium
29 8,675,234 Printing system, print service apparatus, service providing apparatus, control method and computer-readable medium
30 8,675,232 Information processing system, information processing method, information processing apparatus and recording medium
31 8,675,227 Image forming apparatus including a service provider for using an external server, and a corresponding information processing system, control method and computer-readable medium
32 8,675,206 Measurement method for measuring shape of test surface, measurement apparatus, and method for manufacturing optical element
33 8,675,140 Playback apparatus for playing back hierarchically-encoded video image data, method for controlling the playback apparatus, and storage medium
34 8,675,135 Display apparatus and display control method
35 8,675,129 Television system and control method thereof
36 8,675,123 Light amount adjustment device operable at high speed and with high resolution, and optical apparatus having the same
37 8,675,121 Camera and camera system
38 8,675,116 Image sensor and focus detection apparatus
39 8,675,111 Information processing apparatus and method
40 8,675,107 Photoelectric conversion apparatus, control method thereof, imaging apparatus, and imaging system
41 8,675,106 Image processing apparatus and control method for the same
42 8,675,093 Image capturing apparatus and image processing method
43 8,675,092 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
44 8,675,087 Image pickup apparatus and control method for correcting data output from pixels of an image pickup element
45 8,675,051 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
46 8,675,036 Deflection scanner
47 8,675,032 Image forming apparatus
48 8,674,912 Image display device
49 8,674,309 Scintillator crystal body, method for manufacturing the same, and radiation detector
50 8,674,163 DNA hybrids and environment cleaning system employing DNA hybrids
51 8,673,660 Method of producing liquid ejection head
52 8,673,546 Process for forming a hydrophilic coating and hydrophilic coating, and process for forming an ink jet recording head and ink jet recording head
53 8,673,457 Organic electroluminescence device and light emitting apparatus
54 8,673,125 Substrate conveyer and vacuum processing apparatus
55 8,673,124 Magnet unit and magnetron sputtering apparatus
56 8,672,663 Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method
57 8,672,661 Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method
58 8,672,471 Feeding apparatus
59 8,672,465 Water-based ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, ink jet apparatus, and image forming method
60 8,672,452 Liquid discharge head and circuit board
61 8,672,441 Inkjet printing apparatus
62 8,672,439 Printing apparatus
63 8,672,324 Printing apparatus and printed-material processing apparatus
64 8,672,317 Sheet processing apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus, and storage medium
65 8,672,314 Sheet stacking apparatus
66 8,672,312 Sheet processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, storing medium, and program
67 8,671,880 Liquid application device and ink jet recording apparatus